Event Build: The Arkayan Anlance

Greetings and salutations my fellow Skyrimmers, to my latest Skyrim build, and for Crossworlds too.  Fusing together one-handed knife play, a percentage to one-hit kill your foes, and a fair amount of speedy goodness, welcome to…

The Anlace's Theme

There are many organizations that deal with the undead, whether it be the zealous Vigilants of Stendarr, to the nomadic Ash’abah of Hammerfell. However, none have a closer connection to life and death than the individuals known as the Arkayan Anlances.

These nine individuals, one for each province of Tamriel, Arkay has blessed with what are known as the Arkayan Eyes of Death Perception, allowing them not only the ability to see when an individual might meet their end, but also, if fate is on their side, sever their foe’s mortal coil. This ability even extends to concepts, and immortals. How does one know one of the Anlances? Simple, for their eyes practically glow an icey blue.

Both to a more honest splinter family of the Black-Briars, Aveline Ryougi was born in the Nibenese valley as the Anlance of Cyrodill. However, with the Anlance of Skyrim having grown silent, Aveline traveled to the savage land of Skyrim to investigate.

May Arkay preserve her….




Race: Imperial. As the population of the Nibenese half of is primarily Imperial, this fits. Plus, the Voice of the Emperor power is good if you need to heal, and they also gain bonuses skillswise, with a +10 to Restoration, and +5 to Block, Enchanting, and One-Handed.

Appearance: Make her pale, with the lightest blue eyes you can. Give her short brown hair.

Stat Spread: 2/1/4 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. Stop perking Health at about 170, you can then put that 1 into Magicka.

Standing Stone: The Thief to start out with leveling, then switch on over to the Lord, for added AR and magic resistance.

Primary Skills: One-Handed, Block, Sneak

Secondary Skills: Illusion, Restoration, Alteration, Enchanting





When I started forging the Arkayan Anlance back in 2016 (Holy shit time flies), and during my recent replay of her, I wanted to focus it around one thing: Mehrunes Razor. Aside from Mythic Dawn cultist and a certain Mason build, the Razor, like so many other weapons and armors, have, in my opinion, rarely been used in builds, so I sought to remedy that.

Basically put, once you enter Helgen with ol’ Hadvar, you’ll only really need to grab two things. One is the stuff from the dead mage in the torture chamber, and the Steel Dagger from the Torturer, though the other loot you can grab to sell later is good too.

Now, the two things you’ll want to do as soon as possible is A. Hit level 20 so you can get the note and objective to visit the Museum of the Mythic Dawn in Dawnstar, and thus start the Pieces of the Past, and B. Kill Grelod the “Kind” to kickstart the Dark Brotherhood questline. These will allow you to get Mehrunes Razor, and the attire.

Combat as the Anlance was rapid. Basically, stealthily pop Muffle, then sneak attack the closest enemy near you. After that, you’ll want to pop a flesh spell, such as Ironflesh, then equip Paralyze. Paralyze the toughest foe, such as, say, a Bandit Chief, and start hacking away with him. Combining Paralyze, and paralyze poisons, with both Stability, and the fact that it takes a moment for the paralyzed NPC to stand and draw their weapon, this allows you a better chance of proccing Mehrune’s Razor. Down a potion of Fortify Alteration and use Slow Time for added proc help if needed. The Enhanced Slow Time Glitch, wherein you activate Slow Time at the end of the Quick Reflexes effect, coupled with Stability and Fortify Restoration, helps.

Now, with your low health pool, and lack of any AR, you’ll want to focus on ranged enemies such as Archers and Casters mages more so than the big two-handers. Simply put, use either Slow Time or Become Ethereal, and you’ll want to rush toward the ranged boys, and cut them down as quick as you can, don’t want them hurling arrows, crossbow bolts, or spells at you while you tango with their melee brethren and sistren.

When dealing with Undead, simply use the occasional Sun Spell (Roleplayed as the Arkayan presence of the Anlance being, at least, wounding to the undead), to damage them, then circle around and slash them.

As for Dragons, prior to obtaining Dragonrend (Which I RPed as temporarily “severing” the concept of a dragon’s ability to fly), you’ll want to use a mixture of Marked for Death and using any and all cover to block breath attacks, until they land.

Pick up Erik as a follower, he’ll help, especially in the earlier levels.


My first ever makeup was the blood of the first corpse I saw, rubbed on my lips....



Connection to Arkay-Meditating on her connection to Arkay, the instrument of his will is able to harden body, bolster her vitality, and focus

(Potion of Fortify Alteration+Stability+Ironflesh+Bardic Knowledge.)

Presence Concealment-As both an Anlance and trained assassin, the Arkayan Anlance can cloak herself in mist before delivering the first blow.

(Muffle+Invisibility+Become Ethereal+Critical Charge)

Independent Action-Sensing imminent death is at hand, the Arkanyan Anlance severs, albeit temporarily,her enemies’ concept of movement, and makes a quick escape. (Become Ethereal+Mass Paralyze+Stability+Potion of Fortify Alteration+Sprinting)

Arkayan Eyes of Death Perception-Activating her mystical eyes, the Arkayn Anlance visualizes the mortal coil of that which she wishes to sever, weakening them first, then ending their life.

(Marked for Death+Paralyze+Mehrune’s Razor+Soul Tear)


"Everything in creation is flawed. Humans don't need to be mentioned. Air, intent, and even time. My eyes can see the death of things. So I can kill anything that lives. Even if that thing is a god."


  • As my playthrough went on, I roleplayed a growing attraction between the Anlance and Erikur. Have them marry once Alduin, Harkon, and Miraak are dead.

  • Speaking of that, don’t make the house too fancy, just have the basic amenities, such as a bed, oven, and the like. Always go barefoot in your home.

  • Never eat sweets like Boiled Creme Treats, or “cold” foods like raw veggies and meats.

  • Try not to interact often with other people, or linger in towns. Just finish your business, and then leave.

  • Never back down from a fight, especially against an undead.


Well, that’s that, FINALLY got this posted. Thanks, as always, to Lee for the spreads and screenshots (Man, it feels like pretty much all my builds are, in part, a collab with you). But anyway, this wonderful build was based off of Shiki Ryougi, the protaganist of the light novel Kara no Kyouki, or Garden of Sinners. It first came to my attention during a Fate/Grand Order collab Event the same year I made the build. With that out of the way, let’s end things off with one of my favorite fights in the Kara no Kyouki adaptations:




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  • I really like this Build mate. God I remember making the Spread years ago.. or was it months ago? I'll admit it is a bit blurry (the Equipment Spread), that's a fault one my end, I'll try fixing it up. It's quite nice to see a Build based on Arkay that not only/mainly focuses on the Death side of him, but also the Life side.

    Query, at the end of the Build, there's a massive gap of space, was there meant to be a picture of some sort there?

    • Video, but apparently Youtube refused to connect. I'll fix it up soon-ish. And yeah, when you think about it, so few Arkayan builds focus on this aspect, and are, more often than not, undead hating Paladins. Thanks

  • Do you mean Erik or Erandur? If i recall correctly, Erakur is the snobby dude in Solitude.

    Nice build, I like the Razor use

    • Shit, I did mean Erik. For some reason I thought it was Erikur. Thanks

  • Fixed the broken vid

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