Event Build: The Nuckelavee

The nuckelavee is the most malevolent of demons...

...without any redeeming characteristics.






This is my submission for the Ghouls & Ghosts character building event. The Nuckelavee.

"The nuckelavee is the most malevolent of the demons in and around the Scottish islands, without any redeeming characteristics. In summer months, it was restrained in the depths of the ocean by the deity known as The Mither O'the Sea. A unique and solitary creature possessing extensive evil powers, it can influence events throughout the islands. The nuckelavee's breath was toxic, and could wither crops, cause a drought, and cause disease and plague in livestock and humans."

This build is heavily focused on mounted combat and all attempts should be made to be mounted on Arvak when out in the world.





There are no essential mods for this build.
It can be played on vanilla Skyrim if desired.


Better Third Person Selection 
This mod greatly improves interactions/looting while in third person, including while mounted.
This allows you to easily interact with NPCs, loot corpses, and gather herbs while mounted.






Name: Nucke'Lavee

Age: Unknown

Race: Argonian Vampire - as pale and skinny as possible

Standing Stone: The Lord Stone

Stat Distribution: 1/3/1




There are no questlines that specifially fit for this character, since he is a malevolent demon of drought and terror. That said, below are the questlines that I completed and utilized to complete the build and gain power.

Main Quest: Although he does not care about saving the world, the unlocking of dragon shouts and gathering of dragon souls allows him to hoard power and sew terror throughout Skyrim.

Dawnguard: Siding with the Volkihar Vampire Clan, Nucke'Lavee has enhanced his blood with vampirism as well as gained access to powerful shouts that can rend his victims' soul.

The Dark Brotherhood: This was only started to gain access to the Marked For Death shout. He has no desire to become an assassin.

The Forsworn Conspiracy/No One Escapes Cidhna Mine: These Forsworn savages have shown a brutality that appeals to the malevolent demon. Gaining the Helmet of the Old Gods is a happy bonus.

Ill Met By Moonlight: A rogue werewolf makes a worthy oppenent. His hide will make an excellent garment to protect his scales from the cold Skyrim air.

The Taste of Death: These Daedric Princes are quite retched, the Nuckelavee feels drawn to them. 

Through a Glass, Darkly: Nucke'Lavee discovered a dark pool, within it an ancient cursed blade. His flames have never been stronger.

Tilted Scales: Tales of dragon's scales? Excellent. 








This is your bread and butter, your primary source of damage. You'll be swinging that blade from horseback, so make sure you throw points in this tree at every possible opportunity.



As a malevolent demon of drought and famine, what better way to terrorize the people of Skyrim than by setting them and their crops ablaze.



Toxic blood and toxic weapons. Not only will your blade rend their flesh, the toxins it's seeped in will taint their blood.


The Nuckelavee is a survivor, able to withstand the most brutal of onslaughts. 

12247094265?profile=RESIZE_180x180Light Armor

The hides of the Nuckelavee's victims serve as a protection for his aquatic hide as well as a warning to those in the rider's path.



An ancient being with a connection to the darkest of realms, able to draw forth that power and imbue it into his weapons and armor.






Helmet of the Old Gods
These brutal savages gifted you with a helmet adorned with horn and furs, the perfect aesthetic to sew fear throughout Skyrim.

Savior's Hide
What better cuirass to chase down your prey than furs blessed by the Lord of the Hunt?

Studded Dragonscale Gauntlets
Strong, rugged, daunting. Just what a malevolent scourge on the land requires.
Enchanted with Fortify Two-Handed & Fortify Magicka

Studded Dragonscale Boots
Enchanted with Fortify Two-Handed & Fortify Stamina

Bone Hawk Amulet
The skulls of these risen raptors take to magical imbuement quite well.
Enchanted with Fortify Destruction & Fortify Magicka

Ring of Namira
Those who fall in your wake will make an excellent source of sustinance.

Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword
This ancient blade has felled many men and beasts, it is imbued with their will to resist.
Enchanted with Firey Soul Trap & Absorb Stamina

Shadowrend (Sword)
Flame and blade, none are safe.





Drain Vitality
Sapping your victims of their ability to resist.

Marked for Death
No one can escape the swing of your blade.

Soul Tear
Your voice rends your victim's soul, binding it to you and forcing your will upon them.

Summon Durnehviir
Nucke'Lavee can draw the visage of another cursed being from the depths of the Soul Cairn.



Char your foes from a distance, if they're willing to advance, strike them down with your blade.

Flame Cloak
For those foolish enough to get close, they will find the very air they breath hot enough to scorch their lungs.

Fast Healing
Additional to the Nuckelavee's passive health regeneration, the being can draw magic into itself to heal wounds.


Greater/Lesser Powers

Reptilian blood can close wounds quickly, ensuring the Nuckelavee need not rest between felling victims.

Vampire Lord
Draw out your newly aquired vampiric powers to become the ultimate being of death.

Vampire's Sight
Nucke'Lavee can see all, even in the darkest night.






Life's Breath
Fortify Health & Restore Health
Blue Mountain Flower, Wheat

Mage's Tonic
Fortify Magicka & Restore Magicka
Creep Cluster, Red Mountain Flower, Tundra Cotton

Unending Drought
Fortify Destruction
Nightshade, Glowing Mushroom


The Chase
Damage Health & Slow
Deathbell, River Betty

Blood's Corruption
Damage Health, Ravage Health & Weakness to Poison
Deathbell, Giant Lichen, Skeever Tail



As mentioned before, mounted combat is the primary focus of this build while in the open world. Nucke'Lavee thunders through the wold on his flaming steed, swinging his great blade at those who are unable to flee.

Indoors, Nucke'Lavee bombards those who stand in his way with a rain of flames, a swirling vortex of fire greeting those who come to close. If they do not secumb to the flames, his blades will finish the job.

While traversing between locations, ensure you sew fear throughout the land. Any passers by on the roads will fall to your blade, leaving very few survivors to tell others of the horror they encountered.




Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy the slaughter. I want to give a shoutout to Chris Diokno for all of the assistance and encouragement. Also, I want to thank Skypothesis for the inspiration and ideas and lastly, Saronis for the header images (that I shamelessly stole) and all of the other formatting and character building ideas.

If you wish to take this character past level 40, I recommend expanding on the Light Armor tree and investing some time into Smithing to improve your armor. See Here

Happy hunting!

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