Event Build: The Shade of Yngol

Far from where I wished to be, my steps walked the hall of a hidden barrow southeast of Windhelm. I had no prior knowledge of the place, yet somehow, I felt someone... or something... was waiting for me here.


Where am I? Why did I walk into this tomb?


Countless whispers rang through my mind as mysterious spheres of light greeted me, guiding my path through the unusual barrow where none of the living dead guarded the place.


"She is here."
"The chosen one has arrived."
"Please free us."
"He has been waiting for you."


As my steps stopped at the enormous chamber door, the light spheres vanished, and the whispers in my head went silent. My hands moved to solve the door puzzle, and the dragon claw was the key to uncovering the mystery.

Once the sealed door opened, the one who awaited me appeared. Cold air suddenly engulfed the room, and his battleaxe breathed the Northern chilling wind. There he sat on his dead-man throne, a shade-looking draugr of the fabled ancient Atmoran warrior,



"Upon the Sea, Ysgramor wrestled the sea-ghosts, and the storm carried him along the jagged coast. Two fortnights passed without relief, until finally the storm broke. Come the next dawn, Yngol's long-boat was found in the icy surf, but the vengeful sea-ghosts had already taken Yngol and his clansmen."





Perhaps one of the most iconic helmets in vanilla Skyrim, the Helm of Yngol was my go-to choice whenever I played a Nordic warrior. Many, however, did not pay much attention to the one who owned the helmet, the son of the fabled Ysgramor and the master blacksmith who forged the legendary Wuuthard, Yngol.

Not only is his existence in Skyrim wrapped by mystery, but his resting place also holds the same unique charms. Why are there balls of light that guide our path? Why do we see Yngol in his shade form? Why is Yngol not present in the Hall of Valor alongside his father?

Attempting to answer these questions, this build interprets what little we know behind Yngol lore and weaves it to form a chilling yet heart-warming story. This is the tale of two opposing souls united by the pain of loss, thirst for vengeance, and the responsibility as the children of Skyrim.


Theme: Companion


Version: Anniversary Edition

Difficulty: Expert+

Suggested Mods: SkyUI & Vokrii





It was only a week ago since they proclaimed me the Dragonborn. I never asked for this power. All I wish was to hone my arcane talents, and just as I was about to reach the College ground, the damn thing cursed me, possessing my body as it pleased.



Born from patriotic parents of Stormcloaks sympathizers, Thyra was always burdened by her parents' expectations. While swordplay is not her calling, her arcane talents shine brightly, and becoming a battle-maiden for the Stormcloaks rank is what her parents always wished her to be. She, whoever, refused to walk on the path paved by them and instead left her home with a bitter departure to pursue the thing she adores the most - magic.

Wishing to join the College of Winterhold, the Mage Standing Stone will help Thyra hone her talents early. As her parents disapproved of her decision, the young mage needed to make her own way to Winterhold. Her goals drive Thyra's morality, yet she is still a respectable individual who does not wish to cause any unnecessary scenes. While she refuses to partake in the motherland liberation, Talos is a figure she still looks up to, and his blessing shall reveal Thyra's true destiny.




Just as the Northern Mother often breathes the blizzard that hinders one's path, the young mage's road to Winterhold is not smooth sailing. A vengeful spirit of a fabled Atmoran warrior watches Thyra's steps, waiting for her to enter his chamber to free him and his kinsmen from the sea-ghosts' curse.

Deeming her as a suitable vessel, the vengeful spirit of Yngol takes an interest in Thyra's potential as the Dragonborn. When the spirit enters Thyra's body, she morphs into a battleaxe-wielding warrior. Thus, the Lover's blessing helps to fasten the skill-leveling of the two opposing souls, and the Lord will guard the young Dragonborn on her later journey. No longer the same respectable mage Thyra always strives to be - the spirit has its own rules for when it will leave the mage's body, often resulting in bloody casualties of Mer races.





My disinterest in my cultures and traditions seems to reflect my arcane talents. While I can learn many magic schools almost effortlessly, my frost magic is the one I'm not confident of. It, however, does the exact opposite of me.



Mastery over the fire and lightning magic is the ace card Thyra is most proud of. Perks that enhance these capabilities are her priority. Not only in Destruction, the young mage also prevails in Conjuration, Restoration, and Alteration magic where these schools guard Thyra's defenses. Summoning an Atronach to shield her, strengthening the body with Flesh spells, restoring her health, and effectively casting magical ward are the other prowess of the young mage. All perks that relate to these abilities are taken.

Opposing the young mage's traits, Yngol possesses the strength of a warrior and the ability to use passive magic. When the spirit possesses Thyra's body, she can effortlessly wield and swing a battleaxe, and thus, all Two-Handed perks except for Warmaster are chosen. As the possessed Thyra turns into a close combatant, moderate perking in Heavy Armor ensures her safety from lethal blows.

Summoning a Bound Battleaxe and the spirit of fellow slain Atmoran warriors is what differentiates Yngol's Conjuration magic. Unlike Thyra's Atronaches that shield her from harm, Yngol's spirit summons functions only as a brief distraction. Thus, perks that strengthen reanimated summons are not necessary. Lastly, Yngol's destructive prowess lies in his chilling magic. However, instead of using the spells to tear the enemies apart, Yngol's frost magic is a passive one where it slows and freezes his prey.




Vokrii offers a great dynamic to master the two different playstyles simply with its first perk, Mastery, which strengthens the efficiency of the related skills following their level. The premises of the mage and the warrior remains the same with their vanilla version, yet they are much better with Vokrii. Two-handed and Destruction skills receive the greatest buffs, with many skills granting extra damage. The blessing of Talos is stronger with the Blessed Perk, and the Bound Battleaxe is deadlier with Oblivion and Hollow Binding perks.





When it entered me, my consciousness suddenly drifted into an empty void. I was there alone, surrounded by darkness. Only a deceiving reflection of my body morphed into those of a dead Atmoran warrior was present.



Style and efficiency are the two things that Thyra valued the most in her attire. Without the USSEP, the young mage may wear Vokun and Dismal Visage at the same time to optimize her Alteration and Conjuration spells efficiency. Combined with Warlock's Mark, the art of Atronach summoning is but a mere child play. The Robes of Destruction and Alteration paired with pre-enchanted Ebony Spell Knight Gauntlets and a Ring of Fortify Destruction fill the remaining slots to cut the spells cost of Thyra's most destructive talent. Any boots work wonders, yet the simplicity of the Silver Boots offers a charming look.




An ancient Atmoran warrior wrapped in a sinister aura is how Thyra sees herself when Yngol possesses her. The Daedric Gauntlets and Boots are easily obtainable from the quest "Beyond the Grave", yet their enchantments are unfortunately random. A more reliable alternative to obtain the Sure Grip enchantment is to hunt down the Dragonplate Insulated Gauntlets and Boots from the quest "Bones for a Crow". The Ancient Nordic or Drainblood Battleaxe may serve as Yngol's early fang before wielding the Bound weapon. Philter of Phantom ties the look by turning the possessed mage into a menacing shade. Feel free to use duplication glitch or Console Commands to amplify the Philters should you adore the ghostly look.

To enhance the visual further, consider using these several retextures and cosmetics mods: Xavbio's retextures, Dragonpriest Retextures, Praedy's Staves AIO, JS Helm of Yngol, Xyn's Reworked Daedric Armors, Runed Nord Hero Arsenal, and Recolor Bound Weapons.





Many knew me as a formidable and gifted mage. Flame and lightning are at my disposal. Few knew me as a haunting and ominous warrior. Ice and Shades are at his command.


Spells: All lightning and fire spells, CC Elemental spells, Conjure Flame and Lightning Atronach, Flesh spells, Paralysis Rune, Healing spells, and Ward spells

Shouts: All except the ones used by Yngol

Accounted to her roleplay as a green but talented and determined mage, Thyra's combat approach offers the freedom and flexibility to explore numerous spells. One safe way to start the combat is by casting a flesh spell followed by wrapping Thyra's body in Lightning or Flame Cloak. Fire spells and the Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson are a great way to maintain the magicka. Lightning spells and the Staff of Magnus are effective when dealing with dragons and fellow mages. The CC Elemental are the rule-breaking spells should you prefer the dirty game.

Thyra does not possess high defense, and thus, direct hits should be avoided. An Atronach and the ward from the Restoration spell and Staff of Hasedoki shall act as her shields. The Paralysis Rune spell and the projectiles from the Staff of Hasedoki are both valuable crowd-controls when the situation calls for them. Feel free to incorporate spells mods such as Arcanum or Apocalypse should you fancy them as they still befit Thyra's roleplay.



Spells: Conjure Bound BattleaxeFrost Cloak, Unbounded Freezing, Conjure Undying Ghost & Tomb Guardian, Detect Life/Death, and CC Drain Health spells

Shouts: Slow Time (1-3 Words), Frost Breath (1 Word), and Become Ethereal (1 Word)

No longer casting spells from a safe distance, the possessed mage now simply cloaks herself with a Frost Cloak spell and calls the aid of a fellow slain Atmoran spirit, the Undying Ghost and the Tomb Guardian, before marching into the battlefield, tearing the enemies apart with her ghostly battleaxe. The ace card to control the flow of the combat is using the Slow Time shout aided with the Detect Life/Death spell to observe the enemies' number priory.

  • 1st Word of Slow Time: 1 enemy is at your mercy.
  • 2nd Word of Slow Time: 2 to 3 enemies will fall before you.
  • 3rd Word of Slow Time: A group of enemies or the strongest prey does not stand a chance.

The Stability perk and the Amulet of Talos and his blessing augment the Slow Time efficiency, allowing the possessed mage to bend the time with a short cool down. As each Word of Slow Time is obtainable from different locations, the Unbounded Freezing spell and the 1st Word of Frost Breath shout may act as alternative crowd controls before fully unlocking the Slow Time potential. The CC Drain Health spells and Become Ethereal are the only method of healing when Yngol takes control of Thyra's body. Consider installing the Blade and Blunt mod if you seek a more challenging experience.


When to Shift


To present the balanced yet engaging dynamic between the two souls, Yngol may take control over Thyra's body when one of these conditions is fulfilled;

  • when she faces an aggressive elf (including Falmer and Orsimer),
  • when she ventures into Nordic tombs,
  • or when she is in a critical condition.

If swapping between the two characters every so often is not to your liking, you may choose whether Yngol will possess Thyra or let her handle the business herself even if the criteria is met. Things to be taken into account, however, is when Yngol will leave Thyra's body as this affects the roleplay greatly;

  • when the Nordic tomb is cleared,
  • and when all the nearby elves are dead.

As you might have noticed, shifting between the two playstyles requires browsing the Favorites menu quite extensively. SkyUI solves this issue by allowing us to organize favourite items into different Tabs, thus offering a swift and fluid shifting experience.






While my heart still aches from our bitter departure, this is the path that I chose. I will prove my worth and pave my path to the position of the Archmage. I will not regret it.


Primary Quests: "Dragon Rising", Yngol's Barrow, and College quests

Thyra's journey began as she left her parents' house to join the College of Winterhold. The first objectives are simple: gather enough coins, prepare necessary supplies, and learn a few basic spells to make a way to Winterhold. Early arsenal is as humble as the Novice Hood and Robes in Helgen Dungeon paired with any gauntlets and boots you fancy and a Mage Backpack.

Return Lucan's Golden Claw and assist the Whiterun Guards in defending their Hold, as the rewards from the pawnbroker and the Jarl make for generous coins. Revealing Thyra's destiny early by slaying Mirmulnir is crucial for the roleplay and gameplay. All side quests around the Hold that reward accordingly are also a great opportunity to prepare the young mage. After ensuring Thyra is ready to explore the Northern region, hire a carriage to Winterhold.



Arriving in the frozen Hold, Thyra overhears an argument between a pair of siblings, Birna and Ranmir. As the pawnbroker approaches her and offers the Coral Dragon Claw, the young mage's ears catch vague and subtle whispers echoing from the Claw. Enticed by the sounds for an uncertain reason, Thyra feels the immediate urge to turn her steps back toward the Southeast region of Windhelm, even when the College entrance is already in front of her.

Guided by the mysterious whispers, the young mage enters a Nordic barrow near the Sea of Ghosts, where mysterious shimmering spheres greet her and light the path toward a dark chamber. There, she encounters the lingering spirit of the fabled son of Ysgramor, Yngol. After "defeating" the Shade, the young mage suddenly collapses and wakes up outside the barrow. Unsure of what had invaded her mind, Thyra decided to shrug the unexplainable event and continue her path toward the College.



The journey continues as Thyra is now admitted as the College student. Yngol's roleplay, however, makes a stage at the Ruins of Saarthal after the unexpected event upon meeting the Psijic Monk. Yngol will take control for the first time after the appearance of the first Draugr until the possessed mage defeats the chamber guardian, Jyrik, and unearths the Eye of Magnus. Thyra returns to her senses and vaguely remembers what had happened when the vengeful spirit entered her body.

A more sinister roleplay moment happens during the quest "Hitting the Books", where we may ask Brelyna Maryon to accompany the young mage. As the two mages encounter other aggressive elves in Fellglow Keep, Yngol makes another entrance. For Yngol to leave Thyra's body - any living elves around should be dead, and thus, the possessed mage slaughters her Dark Elf friend. Returning to her senses with her classmate's blood coloring her hands, Thyra realizes a horrifying fact that whatever has happened to her is not a trivial matter. Something sinister is within her.



The College events continue with the young mage trying to mask her horrible deeds by becoming an aspiring student. Helping Urag to expand his collections is a great chance to explore the outside world while hunting the armor pieces and useful Shouts (get the Slow Time at Hag's End). The two playstyles are now explorable as the College's main quests require you to delve into ancient Nordic ruins and Falmer liars.

The first chapter ends with the completion of the College quest after securing the Eye of Magnus, the cause of the Atmoran genocide during the Night of Tears. As the guilt of murdering her classmate still haunts Thyra, she will not accept the Archmage position. Feel free to take the roleplay liberty of appointing Onmund or Jzargo as the new Archmage simply by asking them to accompany the young mage in defeating Ancano and presenting them the Archmage's Robes.




Throughout the Northern Mother, I alone am the wyrm slayer. Throughout the sea of sinking souls, he alone is the elf slayer. This pain connected our twisted desires.


Primary Quests: The Civil War (Stormcloaks side), The Companions, and "The Pale Lady"

This chapter is where the young mage explores the land, opening new possibilities for many activities. After the College events ended, Thyra wished to leave the College, searching for a way to free herself from the vengeful spirit. She will, however, make a brief detour to visit her parents' house. We will roleplay that Thyra's home is the unmarked location of the so-called Prospector's Shack. Upon arriving at her house, the young mage's legs suddenly limp as she witnesses the horrible scenery before her. Her house is now nothing but a pile of burnt wood.

Inside the house, the reflection of two deteriorated burnt corpses lying on the floor is visible in her eyes. Indeed, the two corpses are her parents. It appears when Thyra was attending her studies, a dragon made a lair near Bear's Cave Mill. When the creatures spotted the couple, it spared them no mercy. Gone is the young mage's longing to meet her parents after the series of bloody incidents at the College, now replaced by the shock of unexplainable emotions.



While her tears wet the burnt-marked wooden floor, the young mage mutters to herself, speaking to the dark spirit that resides within her. She accepts the curse Yngol placed on her. In turn of lending her body to fulfill the vengeful spirit's thirst for vengeance, Thyra pleads with the warrior to lend her his power to hunt down the wyrms. The two opposing souls now slowly understand each other's pain of losing their dearest ones while retaining a deep hatred and a hunger for revenge.

This marks two new side objectives for this chapter: hunting down the dragons and the Falmers - to satisfy the bloodthirst of the two souls. Yongol may now lend his power when Thyra faces a dragon. While fulfilling their twisted desires, the young mage still searches for a way to end Yngol's curse. A hypothesis to realize this is to trace Yngol's existence and demise: the Night of Tears, the Companions, and the sea-ghosts who wrecked his ship. Thus, the Stormcloaks Civil War, the Companions, and the Pale Lady are the primary quests as they seem to imitate Yngol's unfulfilled desires.



Other radiant quests you found along the way, especially those that relate to Nordic customs and heritages, are great opportunities to enhance the immersion. Should you wish to progress the main quest, "The World-Eater's Eyrie" is a great stopping point, for Thyra also needs to master her new power to slay the wyrms. The Blades' main quests offer another unique dilemma. You may fulfill Thyra's hatred by slaying Paathrunax or letting her reason with what she despises the most. This chapter ends after liberating the Motherland and restoring the Companions' honor.




While I have done everything that I could think of for him to leave my body, I have forgotten the most important thing. He loved his father dearly. Both of us missed our parents dearly.


Primary Quest: Main quests

The young mage now understands why Yngol possessed her. It seems fulfilling the spirit's desire for vengeance is not the only reason. Perhaps the sea-ghosts that wrecked Yngol's ship ensnared his soul alongside his kinsmen? Perhaps the voices, the spheres of light, and the spirits Yngol summoned were his clansmen? Could it mean that they also reside in Thyra's body? Would aiding them in finding the warrior's peace be enough to free her from this curse?

This final chapter continues the main quests where the young Dragonborn finds a way to enter the Nordic afterlife through Skuldafn Gate. After entering Shor's Promised Hall, we will roleplay that Yngol's spirit finally leaves Thyra's body to reunite with his father, Ysgramor. Not only did the young mage who once refused his kin's traditions manage to liberate the land and recover the Companions' honor, but the young Dragonborn also accompanied Yngol back to his father's embrace, taking him and his clansmen to the place where the heroes belong.



While all seems to end pleasantly for Yngol and his clansmen, one problem still remains. The World-Eater terrorizes Sovngarde. The time for the young Dragonborn to fulfill her destiny draws near, the final vengeance for Thyra that caused her misfortunes. As a sign of gratitude, Yngol bestows his knowledge of battleaxe and blacksmithing arts to the young Dragonborn. Now, Thyra can swing a Battleaxe similar to when Yngol possessed her.

For the final attire, you may trade Vokun for Nahkriin - the mask of Vengence - to further cut the cost of Thyra's main spells. Fists of Randagulf are an option should you wish to increase the battleaxe efficiency. With a plethora of spells and the mastery over the battleaxe-play and Slow Time shout, the young Dragonborn morphs into a deadly battlemage. Thyra also obtains the proficiency to cast frost spells, and while the Atmoran spirit summons will not aid her, she gains the ability to call upon Frost Atronach, a summon most suitable to shield her.



The curtain closes this final chapter with the scenes where the three heroes of the Ancient Tongue aid the young Dragonborn in slaying the World-Eater. She, who once rejected her kin's traditions, is now regarded as the hero among the Northern Mistress' children, the savior of Sovngarde. The blood of the Northern children still runs true in her veins. Her tale is sung by the heroes of Shor's Golden Hall as they cherish their victory, and her name is praised by the Harbinger and his son as they celebrate their reunion.




The journey to find who I truly am is still a long one. No matter what, I will not run away from my fate anymore. I will not disappoint them anymore. I will have many stories to tell them once we meet again.


Primary Quests: Your choice

This extra chapter offers you the freedom to determine Thyra's next story. While the journey thus far seems like a long one, the major quests you have completed are notably the College, the Civil War, the Companions, and the main story. There are still plenty of quests in the Northern Mistress to explore, and the threats of the Volkihar and the First Dragonborn still await the young Dragonborn.

To present one last parting gift from Yngol, we will implement his astounding blacksmithing skills by crafting and tempering Thyra the most formidable Nord Hero Battleaxe at the Skyforge. We will simply power level Smithing by crafting Dwarven bows and tempering them with the help of the Warrior Stone, Ancient Knowledge, and Well-Rested bonus. You might be wondering how we will acquire enough materials to smith the necessary Dwarven Bows, and this is where the Falmer hunting in the second chapter comes to fruition.



The majority of Falmers made their lairs inside Dwarven ruins, and thus, it makes a perfect opportunity to gather plenty of resources to smith hundreds of Dwarven bows and fly the Smithing skill to 100. Now, wield your new axe and stand proudly, young hero. The motherland still calls for your aid, and your deeds shall forge your path forward. Your true journey begins now.






As always, my gratitude for taking the time to check this build. Any comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Credits also go to Long-Chapper's The Sea Ghost, as her build inspired the starting point of Thyra's story, and, of course, to the mod authors who keep breathing new lives into this game. Until we meet on another journey,


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