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Character Build: The Zealot

Honor. Devotion. Justice.

These words are only whispers now in a world full of hatred and corruption. Tamriel has seen darkness, but it continues to grow, spreading to the hearts of all kind: men, mer, and beast.

Theft, murder, subterfuge, corrupti

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Character Build: The Sun Priest

This character concept is actually an old idea I had to become a Redguard, desert mage with the power of the sun. I did not quite know how to complete the build until some recent discoveries I had playing and thought that there was a TON of synergy t

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4 Replies · Reply by Lee Jul 20, 2019

Character Build: The Strafer

I guess I have run out of ideas that I have come full circle!! For now... 

I thought back to other roleplaying games and remembered how fun it was to kite and strafe about using agility while picking off bad guys with a high powered ranged weapon ..

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Character Build: The Khulari

This character build is an exploration into another vampire bloodline and a combination of skills and spells not yet explored by me: a battlemage vampire. The Khulari are Iliac Bay vampires who share the same powers as a normal vampire, but also poss

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Character Build: The Hashashin

The Hashashin is another build that came from two likes that I have in this game: Redguard race and the Paralyze effect. I wanted to finally get it all out of my system in one big build and utilize all of the ways you could take an enemy down and be

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Character Build: The Dervish

After demolishing everything with my Old Orc and loving two handed, I wanted to expand on the skill in a different way and open my new build up to using magic as well. This character is inspired from a class from Guild Wars Nightfall, a game I have p

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Character Build: The Apostate

Been awhile, but it feels good to get back to creating. I want to first thank Zimbu yet again for the awesome screenshots to capture the character concept. This character was inspired awhile ago when trying to create a traditional Redguard type, but

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