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Character Build: The Regulator

The Internet has seen some attempts at making unarmed combat viable, and a few have even found success. This, however, was the first build out there (to my knowledge - originally posted several years ago) to do so without the aid of looping and/or st

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Character Build: The Progenitor

The word progenitor refers to an ancient ancestor, an archetypal origin figure. It is roughly synonymous with forebear, a word with some notable ties to the Elder Scrolls world, the most relevant of which for this build's purposes is that it’s used b

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7 Replies · Reply by nystee Jul 22, 2019

Character Build: The Sapiarch

This build has been a long time coming. Kaiser and I first conceived this baby nearly a year ago, at the dawn of the "Classes" Character Building Event. After all manner of distractions, we finally buckled down and got it done.

This was my first coll

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Character Build: The Montalion

Back when I first published this build, I called it "my most ambitious build to date, and the one of which I am the most proud". Even now, nearly two years later (wow!), this is still one of my favorite play styles of all time. Shamelessly powerful,

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Character Build: The Bloodclaw

If you’re reading this and don’t already know why you’re here, this build is a collaboration between myself, Teccam, and SkallyV, and our entry for the latest building contest. We chose Falkreath for our hold, as will — we hope — be made clear as you

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Character Build: The Undying

This is an old build from 2012, though overhauled dramatically in 2015. I thought the original was broken, though I've since learned it was not -- however, I still think the overhaul is a massive improvement. This character is immensely satisfying an

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