The All-Father

NOTE: This build was made with the intention of expanding on the Odin side of my Aesir build.



I came to this realm seeking knowledge.  Instead, I was imprisoned by the Empire inhabiting this land.  They seem to have mistaken me for some border-hopping criminal.  I will play along with this ordeal for now.  Perhaps I will learn something, after all.  They also seem to have a college dedicated to gathering knowledge.  I may pay them a visit.

Race, Standing Stone, and Shouts

Nord works best for roleplay unless you can find an Aesir race mod.  Atronach Stone is best statistically but the Lord Stone fits the roleplay better.  As Shouts are empowered by one's knowledge of the Voice and Odin seeks knowledge, I recommend learning as many words as you can.  The main shouts will be Call of Valor and Dragon Aspect.


Destruction will be your main method of damage dealing, particularly the Rune spells.  Alteration will be used to make yourself tankier.  While a weapon is not entirely necessary, staves are about as close as you can get to Gungnir.


Also not necessary, but I recommend Odin - Magic Overhaul as Odin could definitely benefit from some arcane knowledge.  Ordinator Perk Overhaul is also recommended.  If you use Ordinator, work towards any Destruction perks that upgrade your runes as well as any Alteration perks that decrease damage taken.  I ended up using the Hob's Fall Cave exploit described by ESO on YouTube to get enough perk points for all the Destruction and Alteration perks.


Odin is very strategic, so use your advantages wherever you can.  If you are having a particular tough fight with a dragon, lure it towards a giant encampment.  Let them eliminate each other.  Save traps for your opponents. Use runes to set your own traps, when necessary.  Pick your damage type carefully.  For example, use frost against warriors and Fire Atronachs.

Do quests that grant some sort of knowledge, such as the College of Winterhold quests.  Aside from that, stop the end of the world by completing the main quests.

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