The Builder's College

Hail, adventurers and scholars alike! Welcome to the Builder's College! This is a center for the study of the art of character building. If you have always wanted to get into Skyrim Character Builder, or even Character Building for other games, you now find yourself in the correct place. The Builder's College is a center where we have many experienced Character Builders that are more than willing to personally take you through and teach you how to become an effective Builder. Whether you're starting from scratch or just looking for ways to improve your Building game, the our staff at the Builder's College can help you.

How Can I Apply?

Easy! We have several builders that are currently ready and waiting to give you a hand if you need it. You can check out their work here on the Skyforge to get an idea of what they do. In order to get in contact with them, all you need to do is join the Skyforge Discord site, either here or through the invite link on the Skyforge's homepage, and get in contact with one of them through a direct message or a tag. 

Once you've joined the Discord, it's just a matter of finding the right people and finding out if/when they are available. From there, they can help you with whatever you need in terms of Skyrim Character Building. Here's a list of the Builders we have ready to assist so you can find the correct person on Discord:

- Pixel (Pixel#5270)

- BlackBlood (BlackBlood15532#8832)

- Kendrix (KendrixPlays#0171)

- Percival (Percival#0682)

- Curse (Curse#8609)

- Lee (Fiskill#0840)

- Furrion (Furrion 17#4775)

What Can I Get Help With?

Anything to do with Character Building! If you just need help with something specific, our staff can help you. If you want a full walkthrough on how to generate ideas for, playtest, and create the writeup for a build, our staff can help with that too! We've got builders who are experienced in building vanilla characters, heavily modded characters, and everywhere inbetween. Ask and you shall recieve. 


Hopefully this is helpful to some new builders who want to get into Character Building, or Builders looking to improve. We have a very open community of builders here that are more than willing to provide any help you may need, so again, do not hesitate to join up and ask!

I look forward to seeing all of your work!

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