Character Build: The King Of Thieves


Standing Stone:Thief(Beginning To End-Game)

Stats:A balanced mix between Health,Magicka,And Stamina.

Backstory:The King Of Thieves was born in Riften, The City Of Thieves. He was born on the streets, learning the ways of pickpocket and speechcraft, it turned out he was born with extreme luck. He joined the thieves guild when he was 20. He continued to do the jobs for the thieves guild until he found them boring and left to do more interesting jobs. He left to roam skyrim and find loot. He used cons and schemes to fool the common merchant into believing a mug was made from the soul of a daedra.

Roleplaying:The King Of Thieves is a greedy and cunning character.

Factions:Thieves Guild,Dark Brotherhood(Optional).

Skills:Focus on the Thief part of the skill trees.

Perk Trees\Perks:

Speech:Haggling,Allure,Bribery,Merchant,Persuasion(For roleplay purposes),Investor(For the fence perk),Fence,Master Trader.

Archery(Just in case something goes wrong when you steal stuff):Overdraw,Eagle Eye,Critical Shot,Steady Hand,Power Shot,Hunter's Discipline,Quick Shot,Bullseye.

Light Armor:Agile Defender,Custom Fit,Unhindered,Wind Walker,Matching Set,Deft Movement.

Lockpicking:Novice Locks,Apprentice Locks,Quick Hands,Adept Locks,Golden Touch(Roleplaying purposes),Treasure Hunter,Expert Locks,Locksmith,Unbreakable,Master Locks.

Sneak:Stealth,Muffled Movement,Light Foot(Useful when exploring dungeons),Deadly Aim,Silent Roll,Silence,Shadow Warrior(Good for escaping).

Gear:Thieves Guild Armor, Any type of bow i recommend auriels bows cuz of course it is one of the most op vanilla bows.

Enchantments:Muffle Enchantment,Fortify Sneak,Fortify Speech,Fortify Archery,Fortify Light Armor,Fortify Lockpicking.

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  • Congrats on posting your builds, Champion! It takes a lot to be able to share what you created with others. I like the idea behind these builds, but I do have some recommendations for improving them.

    Your other two builds are already properly titled, but remember to add the prefix 'Character Build:' so for this build, it would be 'Character Build: The King of Thieves'. I'd also recommend making use of the bold tool to make some of your text stand out. I'd say bold things like Race, Standing Stone, Stats, Backstory, Roleplaying, etc. This will make these sections stand out more compared to the rest of the text so readers can easily pick out the important information with a quick glance.

    A gameplay section would also be very beneficial to let us know how this build plays. For example, you could explain how you played the early game if it's unique compared to other starts. Curse's Knight Cleric utilizes a lot of Dawnguard content, so it's advised to join them early on to get your gear. You could also explain how you dealt with each enemy in this section, warriors, archers, mages, dragons, and the like. Lastly, some pictures to break up the text would make your build look much much better. It also gives readers a vague idea of the type of character you're going for. 

    I hope these tips help you, and again, congrats on posting your builds!

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