Event build:The Unlucky Khajiit

 "Khajiit will make those people become unlucky who crossed paths with me since I'm the dark and unlucky in Skyrim" -Tayton the Unlucky Khajiit


My name is Tayton and it's my first time making this build for Halloween. Today for those of you are new welcome, and some of you may know if a person come across with a black cat, you I'll become unlucky. And this is the best build for it, I am the the Unlucky Khajiit and you can use any name. And since Halloween is coming up, you can use any mods if you like.




My story begins right now. it all started when I was at tamriel in the South part of it of the world I was just a little kitten my fur was the black as the dark and when I was just a little little fella I was on my way to go home to see an old friend well he is part of the leader of the thieves guild for over 24 years ever since however who is a dark khajiit just like me well let's say he wants to try to hand over my values well that's what he thinks because little didn't that thief doesn't know about it it's because I was born with an unluck power. this power lets me use it when he want everyone that person come across with me at any intersection that will become unlucky for the rest of their life so I use this power of my unluck that he will never forget and that what happens when the thief well, probably end his life well since he was on his way to mug a Breton but a group of Forsworn end him. Now that he was out of the picture,  I checked in his corpse and looked and found, he have some jewels I knew that he was no good I bet my old friend was trying to tell me trying to let me know to join the Guild in Riften. And so I went to Skyrim since I had to cross this cereal since since I'm not allowed to enter the imperial City since 5 days, so I had to sneak through the skyrim's border to get there in the Jerall Mountains, going across the Rift which is the south east of of Skyrim, found Riften and I decided to join the thieves guild ever since today on 31 of Frostfall since it was my birthday. But my birthstone was unknown since my mother didn't tell my real one, I had to go the Guardian Stones and I realized I was a thief when I was a teen Khajiit amd then I touch the Thief stone making to remember my birthstone forever. Look out Skyrim, I'm about to empty your pockets! And today I have been training under of Vex, Niruin, Delvin Mallory, Viper the Fleet and so on, they are like my Family and now I am the best unlucky Khajiit that I have. I'm about to prowl those people and take the items quietly for I am the Unlucky Khajiit. After 2 years I went to the Dark Brotherhood to become a assassin and thus I learned how to use a good bow with a special paralysis enchantment and I can strike them with a daedric artifact with mehrunes Razor with Valdrs Lucky dagger since it is a best team I can use. That's my story of how I became the Unlucky Khajiit.



  • Build set up


Character: Khajiit

Stone:Thief and warrior. Optional: Lover


Leather scout boots:muffle and stamina regeneration

Leather scout:armor:fortify health and healing rate

Leather scout helmet:alteration and illusion

Leather scout gauntlet:any enchant

Dragonbone bow: paralyzed any seconds

Daggers: Mehrunes Razor and Valdrs Lucky dagger

Ring:forify pickpocket and magic resistance 

Shrouded gloves(optional)

Shout:throw voice

Magic:max out/ health 200/stamina 200


At the character creation,make your khajiit black and give the eyes a green and use any thing you want.


As you leave Helgen, make sure to hunt some animals to make pelt and animal strip for the leather scout armor set, plus make sure to to Riften and join the thieves guild to train archery,sneak,and pickpocket. Then while you are done with that quest line ,go to the Dark Brotherhood and train light armor also alchemy but make sure to level up so you can train up to 5 times. Grab some enchantments and disenchantment them NOT sell it and also grab some alchemy gear to make some fortify enchant. Find some spadetail and salt pile but some lot so you can get started with the  fortify restoration loop but avoid the negatives so you don't crash the game. After that, make sure go to Solstheim to get the  black book: the sallow regent to get seeker of shadows. Next, do some Raven Rock quests to get the manor and do some enchanting make sure to make some leather scout armor fortify health and fortify healing rate and make some leather scout boots muffle and stamina regeneration. And you can make some whatever you want. One thing I forgot make sure to max out your speech by making the best potion or poison and sell them to increase your perk. During the daedric quest make sure to get Mehrunes Razor and also get Valdrs Lucky dagger from Falkreath by talking to the barkeeper for the rumors. Smith some tools to 100 to get dragon smithing perk and make 2 dragonbone bow. One for paralysis and 1million or a thousand damage and that's it you are ready to go! All the enemies will be resistant to the paralysis effect but doesn't matter but with force without effort effect and stagger effect on the enemies it will easier to stop on the tracks any arrows will have different effect with arcane archer creation you can use it shock the enemies who are mages,ice for the warriors not for NORDS,and use fire against undead

Master archery, alteration, illusion, pickpocket,sneak,light armor, Alchemy and speech.

Just like the lusty Argonian maid she uses the archery skills try to copy her perks that way it will become faster and easier to help. You can use Anniversary Edition to get Rare Curios to increase the value and the everything you need like fortify marksman, alteration, pickpocket,etc.


Best faction:thieves guild and Dark brotherhood

If you want to get a head start,get the aetherial crown from the quest lost of the ages



Clumsy slip:bullseye perk and bow with paralyzed

Sneak poison:all perks for pickpocket and any poison

Quiet lure ambush:Throw voice,bow with million 

Recover death: paralysis and calm with pickpocket with damage health lingering damage health while a NPC is recovering 

Quiet Death Dash: Whirlwind Sprint and poisoned perk

Happy Halloween and you can roleplay with it for main quest or anything

I hope this build will make the people of Skyrim be unlucky.








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  • Hey man, decent start fkr a first. One thing id recommend is trying to find artwork online to help break up the text and go more in depth on how thiw charaxter fights

    • I don't  know how to do that I'm on Tab

      • Should be an embed option in the editor. 

    • Fixes with the picture problem


  • I recommend working on the Gameplay section, IE how this character fights against certain foes

    • Done

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