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KoTN: The Warlock - Sneak Peek

Hey guys, I figured, for a change and to see what the reaction of the community, I decided to do something, which I personally have never done and only seen done rarely. Sneak Peeks. Today, is a Sneak Peek of next installment of the KoTN Series.

The Warlock

To every legend there is a grain of truth, and a lesson.

However, there is one legend that Necromancers all know and fear.

Legend speaks of an ex-Priestess of Arkay, who was forced into an Apprenticeship with Azaran the Cruel. Somehow, she escaped, shortly before Azaran died. She wasn't the same, she knew what horrible deed she was forced to do.

Hence why she never returned to the Priesthood of Arkay. As she had broken the one thing that all aspiring Priests of Arkay know not to do.

Never, under any circumstances, break Arkay's Commandment.

However, there is one reason why she was never hunted down by her fellow Priests and the Viligant of Stendarr.

She done something different.

She broke Arkay's Commandment, while also enforcing it.

Sometimes to put fear into a monster, you must first become a monster.

NOTE: My 'intro' to the Warlock may or may not change. Also realise, that the 'intro' is fairly rough, but I know what the Warlock will be based on and around. I hope this came out in my 'intro'

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  • Lee I'm not sure if anyone responded to this build yet, but I love the idea of a dark warlock so bring it on. As always my suggestions are mod-related; if you want to use Ordinator, the damag and disease functions in the restoration tree would be perfect for this. If not Ordinator, you could consider Forgotten Magic Redone, which has a whole line of warlock spells that are fantastic--nasty DoTs, there's a lich you can conjure, it's great. (I would not use both of those mods at once, though--they stack far too well with each other and turn you into an overpowered mess). Look forward to seeing the build you do.

    • Forgotten Magic Redone? Ooooohhh that sounds really interesting. I'll have to check it out. With Ordinator, I know it changes the perk trees but do you change then all? Or just the one?

      Honestly, I didn't even think of mods for the Warlock. I'm currently playing her without them and damn. It's fun, once I finish it I'll do another with mods.

      If I do either Ordinator or FMR it won't hurt if I do a Perkspread for both modded and unmodddd? (Ordinator), and mention spells used from FMR?

      Stupid question, but how are they performance wise?

      • You should definitely do yourself a favor and try out Forgotten magic redone. It was the center piece of my hex blade build.

        • Hmm.. Now I remember Forgotten. At first I was a little confused then after reading the Spells... Far out, this is going to be very interesting *evil laugter*

          • Say Curse, with your Hex Blade did you do a playthrough with the FMR and another without it? As I'm enjoying the current playthrough without it but I can see it brining a lot more diversity when j have it.

            • I couldn’t do a play through of the hex blade without it. That mod is an essential component of the build. 

              • Hmm.. Fair enough, the main reason I asked is after a while Illusion and Alchemy, just feels... Old if that makes any sense.

                Plus, take Doppelgänger, I can really see it making a massive difference gameplay wise, as I won't have to rely on a follower.

                Query, is Doppleganger affected Illusion Spells (e.g Courage) and Restoration spells? Basically, is it classed as Living, Undead, Daedra, Automaton (doubt it) or Other?

                • Even with master of the mind Doppleganger only seems to work on living enemies. 

                  • Oh? That's interesting, to say the least. No level cap on living enemies? Not to sure, it's sort of vague about what it can and can't work on. Eh ill find out. Thanks again

                    • Theres no cap iirc. Its just not going to work on anything that isnt either a humanoid or a creature. Obviously wont work on dragons, and Im pretty sure mammoths and giants arent affected either. 

                      The spell itself is rather difficult to aim. But its effect can be triggered by curse rune, which is much easier to aim, if you take the right perk for that spell. Its a combination the hex blade uses often. 

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