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The Fugitive Forsworn

 I finally got up the courage to find a build i could A. Fully complete on my Xbox special edition and b.  Immersed and interested enough in for an immersive story.

Pls be very, this is a big anxiety leap I'm taking and it's my very first time building.


Name: unnamed

Class: Rogue

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic evil depending on your point of view


One Handed: Mastery ½


Speech: Speech Mastery ½


Quests: Red Eagle, Main Quest, Companions,


(Fair warning this build gets a /wee/ bit dark, didn't intend to start out that way but here we are! xD)

Roleplay: You have never truly been forsworn. You've always known this in your mind even if your heart spoke differently. The daughter of a forsworn agent and an unaffiliated breton there was no reason you shouldn't have eagerly swallowed the stories, tales, and rites of your tribe.

But you didn't, the tales only gave you nightmares and that's without speaking of the rituals you witnessed even as a babe. You were immersed in the culture of the forsworn and yet unlike your brothers and sisters you could not accept it.

But you were not foolish enough to speak of such things, even in your innocent youth you knew that would death, but neither could you just walk away even as an adult, your tribe would hunt you to the ends of the earth to punish you.

So you waited until the babes were men and women grown and the elders frail and complacent.....and you slit their throats, each and every last one.

You can't stop the nightmares, but maybe just maybe, you can stop the madness before it takes the world with it.

Mods used: alternate start: LAL, Andromeda, Imperious, ineed, campfire, Moonlight Tales

A/N: that's the very skeleton wip with the first level two of skills, mostly looking for feedback on the concept/class matchup and the roleplay angle i took, what can i say i love to traumatic my babs

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  • Quite fresh for a forsworn build imogen, well done

    I'd recomend you to use wintersun yo praise some daedric princes (hircine is the best), for the class most of forsworns are classed as witchblades so you may do the same, for quests i recomend you to clean skyrim of named hagravens and to download Reach Magic mod that males the Reach mucho more interestong with forsworn shrines and a pretty good red eagle sword.

    Hope this may help you and wish you luck, this has potential

    • Thank you, I wanted to do something  llittle unique, so i figured an anti-forsworn forsworn would be a good start!

      I've been avoiding winters in just because it gets a wee bit complicated but I'll see if i can't find what the bonuses are/if they match the playstyle enough for me to keep favour cuz i do enjoy that mod during my normal play so thanks for the idea!

      Same for the other two mods, the build doesn't head back into the reach till later game (for obvious reasons, but I'll keep that in mind and am always grateful for the feedback nonetheless! ^^

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