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The Seducer

The main premise for this build was based off the Khulari originally, but I'm not really sure about that now.


Name: Jaihanah

Race: Redguard vampire

Gender: Female


Major: Alteration, Sneak, Illusion, Speech

Minor: One-handed Enchanting

Stat spread:?






Alternate Start

Better Vampires (must load after imperious if you want a really useful racial passive)

Classic Classes and Birthsigns


The fair lady of Sentinel. The oasis of The Alik'r. That was who I used to be. But The First Era is a long time ago now.


Jaihanah was born in 1E 864 on 12th Sun's Height and grew up in a middle class family. Her parents ran a bar in Sentinel named The Drunken Elf, just on the edge of the city. Because of this, it was quite a popular tourist destination and they got visitors from all over Tamriel. She still has some incredibly vivid memories of her childhood. Dark elven sorcerers, Khajiiti merchants and the like would come to the bar. Some were mages, on their way Elinhir. Some were orcs who'd lived in southern Hammerfell but were going to a remote place in the Wrothgarian Mountains, that didn't exist yet called Orsinium.


 These thoughts filled her mind with wonder. Every night, she would gaze out of her window into the endless expanse of the Alik'r Desert, which she could just make out beyond the walls of the city. Jaihanah listed after adventure, but even as a child, knew how dangerous the desert was. Sandstorms, sinkholes, were-creatures and marauders all haunted the endless expanses of the golden sands.


 Her parents forbid her to leave the city until she could provide for herself, so she wandered the city in search of excitement. Hours spent in the nearby alleyways turned into days exploring the city. These days became years, till Jaihanah turned sixteen. On that birthday, one of the three most important events in her life would happen, setting the wheels in motion for the rest of her life.


The Drunken Elf often had entertainment, but this night was special. In celebration of her birthday, Jaihanah's parents hired a company of Cyrodilic musicians. The new instruments fascinated her, the intricate finger placements needed to make the perfect chord or note enveloped her curiosity. The singer was a beautiful singer, who intoxicated Jaihanah with her voice. She begged the musicians to let her join them. They would accept her into their company, but only if her parents agreed. Begrudgingly, they let her leave. And so began the second chapter of Jaihanah's life.


The musicians travelled all over Tamriel, singing and playing their intoxicating music all throughout Tamriel. They sang ballads in inns and taverns, normally of a higher standard than The Drunken Elf. Over the years, she learnt more than just music however. One of the musicians, a Bosmer named Falonin was relatively well versed in alteration magic. He showed her how to cast basic spells to protect herself, if ever the need arose, like oakflesh. Jaihanah picked up tips from the singer of the company, a Nede named Vomi, on how to seduce and persuade. Jaihanah was good at most instruments, but she excelled at singing. By the time she was twenty, she was known as The Fair Lady of Sentinel. Sometimes she was nicknamed the Canah, after the exotic bird from the Summerset Isles, bred for their beauty. 


The date was 1E 188, 27th of Rain's Hand and Jaihanah and the rest of the company was hiking through the Dragontail Mountains to get to their next performance in Camlorn. It was about 9 pm and the sun had gone down. Vomi suggested they settled down for the night, as it was already very hard to see. The stars were like tiny diamonds in a huge crown, the moons as the crown jewels. They were just about to settle down for the night, when a stranger in ripped and bloodied robes approached them. He let out a weak croak that no one could quite understand, but it was apparent he was in need of help. They began to check if there were any signs of physical injury to him, but there was nothing. He let out another croak, and stopped moving. Was he dead? Then Jaihanah noticed something in his hands. It was a spell forming. She recognised the swirling, green, aetherial mass as paralysis. It was a trap! Then all was black.


Jaihanah awoke in a cave. Where was she? What had happened? Then it hit her. The man. She looked up to see the same man again, but in fresh robes, which were as dark as the shadows that played menacingly on the cave walls. His eyes. His teeth. She didn't need a second guess to figure out what he was. Vampire!

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  • I'll be back with more detailed guiddance soon but for now I wanted to say I think the sultry vampiric bard would be the best idea to go with. To that end I found a few pictures I think would fit that theme quite well. 



    • Thanks! I'll look forward to hearing your advice!

      • First thing I’d like to go over is how to organize the information within the build in a way that’s both easy to follow and visually pleasing. A template basically.

        I highly recommend taking a look at some of ponty’s builds. He’s got a nice format that fits that bill perfectly. Don’t hesitate to copy paste a build and fill in your own text and pictures. 


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        • All right. I'll have a look and get it set out.

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