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We understand making a great character build that others actually want to play is difficult. And while some are comfortable working on their build in private and releasing it when complete, others may desperately need a lot of guiddance along the way. Whats where this section comes in.

In this section you may post any half finished rough draft build your working if you're in need of guidance or just want a place for people to evaluate your work as you work on it. Here are some helpful guidelines to remember

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WIP Event Build -- The Desert Fox

Foreword:  The Remnants, also known as The Eyes That Watch, are a Redguard network of warriors and spies from Hammerfell that operate in Skyrim and elsewhere.  Their main purpose is to make sure the Aldmeri Dominion and the Thalmor follow the terms and conditions set forth by the Second Treaty of Stros M'Kai after their retreat from Hammerfell.  To that end, they have agents stationed in Skyrim to keep an eye on the Thalmor. (Source: The Remnants of Hammerfell on the Elder Scrolls wiki) Our heroine, Cedamihn (pronounced Jada-min) had been training for years in Hammerfell to become a working agent.  

Also, I've always been intrigued by Saadia's storyline.  Her quest line is short, and open-ended.  Is she is a treacherous, deadly Thalmor agent?  Cedamihn will leave the relative safety of learning from her masters, to crossing over to Skyrim from Hammerfell,  with the objective of finding and bringing to justice her beloved friend's killer. Eventually, with the quest mod  The Gray cowl of Nocturnal installed, she'll travel back to Hammerfell and reconnect with her Alik'R roots.

The Desert Fox (eventually a nice, big graphic title)

Backstory:  (This is probably a bit too wordy, and needs some editing! I'm a huge fantasy book fan, and it's hard to stop!)

Practice was hard today, but you had received rare praise from your no-nonsense master, Shahid. For the first time, you had actually managed to sneak behind the old man, tapping the hilt of your dagger between his shoulder blades, mimicking a backstabbing movement.  You could tell he was distracted, his gaze elsewhere, and after congratulating you on your unexpected success, he abruptly tells you that class is over.  "Eyes that watch", you bow and murmur to your beloved mentor, and you head off to the Pirate's Booty Inn to brag of your sucess.

Fellow students Ahmet, Razul and your roomate, Kashia, already have a table.  "Ceda"! you're unanimously greeted, mugs raised. "Horse Mother", you curse, as you immediately realize that your long-time training partner, Tazhalar, has still not rejoined the group.  It's been over a week now.  Supposedly Taz had been recruited for a mission, unusual for a student, for although Taz had always been the best warrior in your group, he was still receiving critical training to be a spy.

You and Tazhalar had met as eight year olds, dropped off by your respective parents at the school during a prolonged drought.  You swallow the bitterness of the memory of watching your nomadic tribe leave you behind in Elinhir, leading a caravan of camels back to the dunes.  Taz, on the other hand, had come from a rich merchant with too many sons.  Both of you had bonded like brother and sister, training day in and day out for a mysterious fighters guild in Hammerfell.

Eventually, as you and Taz and the others progressed, through warrior training, history and diplomacy classes, and even learning some tactical espionage, you found out the true purpose of your training--to join the spy network of Hammerfell, The Remnants.  You only need a few more years of training, and you'll be able to accept their dangerous missions.

While walking back to your room, you're intercepted by a servant, and told to go to Master Shahid's room.  You enter to find him sitting by the fire, looking older and smaller than you remembered him just hours ago.  Sadness is wrapped around him like a cloak.  "Sit, Ceda", he says gently, startling you since you usually stand in the great master's presence.  Unbearable minutes pass in front of the hearth, until your teacher blurts out that your long-time friend is dead.

Shahid doesn't tell you everything--who does, in this business--but Taz had been sent to seduce a Redguard woman, gain her trust, and find out if she was truly a Thalmor spy, as suspected.  Agents had hoped that sending a younger, inexperienced student, rather than an agent fully trained, might have allowed the spy to drop her guard.  

The mission was a failure.  

Handsome, cheerful Taz.  A born leader.  Your heart breaks, but your training allows no tears.  "I'm going after her," you hear yourself say.  The words spill out before you even think them.  "No", says Shahid, gently.  "We believe she has crossed over to Skyrim, and we have Remnants there that will find her and bring her to justice."  But you know that Skyrim is a huge place, and that it could take years to find her . . . and you're deeply, deeply angry.

That night, after your roommate falls asleep, you silently steal out of your room, grabbing a knapsack hidden under your bed.  You avoid the guards as you've been trained to do, and head north, leaving no trail. Your masters have taught you well.

Unbeknownst to you, Shahid watches from his room.  "May the gods watch over you, Cedamihn", he says, sighing.


Race:  Redguard Female.  You can certainly select a different gender.  Being a redguard fits the lore, and the mod Imperious gives her nice desert-themed bonuses.  Cedamihn is about 20 years old when she leaves for Skyrim.

Roleplay:  Ceda is part spy, and part mercenary, and always looking for information to further her cause.  She is trained to extract secrets while revealing little of her own thoughts. Asking questions of those around her serves her well, and Ceda can often be found at the inn buying rounds of drinks. She is highly observant of the world around her.

Keep in mind, that with her youth, she can be impetuous and erratic, occasionally, with her decision making.  She has some thief training, but she only breaks into places if she thinks they're hiding something from her.  She can also pickpocket, but she mainly uses this skill to extract keys.  Later, she will join the Thieves' Guild, and transfer her loyalty to them.  Choosing to join or destroy the Dark Brotherhood--does that hurt or help the Thalmor?  Joining the Blades is also an option.  I am currently weighing on making her  a werewolf with the Companions.

Class:  Agent/spellsword. Ceda received training as both a warrior and a spy.  She still has much to learn, however.

Standing Stone:  A spy has to adapt to the situation.  I used the mod Mundus for a small overhaul.  She often relies on the Thief stone for Cheater's Luck, giving her increased damage and speed.

Worship:  I used the mod Wintersun for extra roleplay flavor, but it's not required.  Initially, Ceda worships the gods form the Imperial Pantheon, I had her switch to the Redguard gods after she reclaims some of her heritage.

Skills:  One-hand (sword/scimitar), light armor, and alteration.  Minor skills include speech (intimidation and persuasion), illusion, pickpocket and lockpicking (mainly for flavor), alchemy and perhaps blocking. A perk or two in smithing would round out the build nicely.  (still in progress)


In My Time of Need--bring the traitor Saadia to justice!

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal (mod required) and a few other Hammerfell/Remnant quests added by mods

Redguard Elite Armaments (comes with the AE of Skyrim, a Creation Club mod).  I think it begins with the quest, Interception, in Shor's Stone.

Any quests that help Redguard citizens, like finding the sword for Amren in Whiterun.

Civil War:  Ceda should assist the Imperials, and keep a close eye on Thalmor activities.

I haven't decided on the outcome of the main quest, if it's completed or even really started.

Thieves' Guild line (a girl's gotta pay the bills)

College of Winterhold to allow her to hone her alteration and illusion, but she will not bother with the entire quest line.


I will admit I'm a heavy modder.  I mod everything, from graphic mods to new lands.  I generally download a pack off of Wabbajack, where everything is in proper load order and patched, and call it a day.  From my ongoing playthrough, here are some essential and not so important mods to help with roleplay.

Perks:  Ordinator

Stones:  I used Mundus, but any mod, or no mod is fine.  

Races:  Imperious.  A Redguard has access to some nice Alik'R themed bonuses. 

  • Dust Storm: Killing people increases attack damage and critical strike damage and reduces spell costs by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Nomadic Heritage: Redguard blood grants 50% disease resistance. When not in combat, you have unlimited Stamina.
  • Tenacity: Magicka and Stamina regenerate up to 100% faster, based on missing Health.

 You can also utilize the quest reward - Win 30 battles by slaying 3 or more people to unlock...

  • Red Sand Dance: 1/day - Enter a battle trance for 45 seconds, slowing time by 90% while sprinting.

Magic System:  Triumvirate for the shadow mage spells, using the Alteration and Illusion schools.  She'll ignore the Destruction spells, however.

Starting Out:  I used Alternate Start, with the New Beginnings addon.  I started as a mercenary at the Hammerfell/Skyrim border.  You start out with heavy armor, though, which I ditched as soon as I acquired light armor.  You can just as easily NOT mod your start, and begin in Helgen.

Followers:  Ceda meets Lucien in Falkreath early in her journey.  Lucien is hands down one of the best follower mods out there, just so funny and great voice work.  He will provide healing, and destruction spells and a back-up archer/fighter.  Later, she will join up with the wonderful Inigo, in Riften, as an archer and fighter.  (I use a mod that allows for more than one follower at a time).  These two provide excellent commentary (sometimes with each other!) but are not required.

Quest mods:  

Redguard Elite Armaments is a short quest line added by AE/Creation Club.  Here, Ceda can assist the Remnants and gain some lovely armor and weapons.  If you're a modder, you can also add better graphics, voice work, and even integration of the armor to other Redguard npc's!

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal is not really essential, but it certainly adds something different to the playthrough, as you search for the fabled item.  I'd also recommend the HD pack if your 'puter can handle it.  Part of the action occurs in Hammerfell, which is why I chose it.  If you use this quest mod, I also highly recommend  More to do in Hammerfell, which adds 8 more quests in Hammerfell; The Remnants of Hammerfell, which allows you to assist the Remnants at their new base; and if you choose to join the Dark Brotherhood, there is Desertic Dark Brotherhood!  For more animals, check out Camels and new animals in the Alik'R Desert.  

Gear and Items:  Any light armor and sword in the beginning.  Eventually, you will have Remnant armor and wield the Scimitar of Fire of Boneshaver.  These items are a reward from the AE edition of Skyrim, from a Creation Club mod.

(Impressive photo wielding items)

Spells:  She becomes fairly proficient in alteration and illusion.  More to come.

Gameplay:  Will finish as I play through.

Alchemy concoctions: . . .

Special Abilities:

Closing Notes:  






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