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Bound in Blood

Table of Contents



"Far back in the Meretic Era, Nords fought a long and bloody war against their Dragon masters. Legendary heroes managed to defeat the Dragon King, Alduin the World Eater. But, Alduin was not destroyed, simply sent forward into time. And now, we wait. For when he returns and brings the time of Men to an end."

- Greybeard Archives


In the year 201 of the Fourth Era, two mortals whose names are written in the Elder Scrolls, found themselves in the middle of a trap set by the Imperial Legion to capture Ulfric Stormcloak.

War was raging across the North and the smell of death was spreading thoughout the region. Brothers killed brothers and mothers buried sons. And as the Scrolls foretold, a darkness was rising from the ashes of the past, ready to swallow the whole world.

These two souls were the only hope the world had. One was a young Nord mage named Valia Flame-Giver and the other is a Altmer warrior that goes by the name Theryn Elinos.

An experienced Mer and a playfull Nord. What could go wrong.


Authors Note:

Some content of the story will be mature. This means use of drugs, violence and strong language.

TES: Skyrim belongs to Bethesda except my OCs.



Part 1: Awaken the Dragon

Chapter 1: The Dragon

Chapter 2: Riverwood

Chapter 3: Swords and Spells

Chapter 4: Speechless




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