Bound in Blood - Ch. 4: Speechless

Bound in Blood

Chapter 4: Speechless



19th of Last Seed 4E 201.

Theryn felt like someone was banging on his head with a hammer as he opened his eyes. He looked around and saw that he was in a moving cart. "Not again." he tought to himself. He sat up and saw that he was bound by rope. He looked to where the cart was going. He was relived to see Whiterun. He looked at the two guards that were driving the cart and leaned towards them.

"Mind if I ask you why I'm bound?" he said.

"Because you're a murdering bandit. Now shut up, elf!" said the guard.

"No. This is a mistake. I went to that crypt to kill the bandits and the mage." Theryn tried to explain.

"Hah! And I'm the jarl of Whiterun." laughed the guard.

Theryn leaned back. "Fine. Take me to the dungeon. I'll show you there."

The trip to Whiterun wasn't long and soon, Theryn was back in the city. Now, he only had to get out of this situation. The cart stopped in front of the gates and Theryn was dragged off. The guards grabbed him and escorted him towards the dungeon. As they passed the Bannered Mare, Theryn could see Val watching from the terrace.

"Theryn!" she yelled as she jumped down the steps. "What happened?" she asked.

"Just a small misunderstanding. Would you please go get the jarl." said Theryn.

Val nodded and ran off towards Dragons Reach. The guards opened the doors of the dungeon, which was also acting as the guards quarters. They opened the cell and pushed Theryn inside, sending him to the ground. As the guards locked the cell door, Theryn stood up. He shared a cell with an Orc. The Orc was as tall as Theryn, about 6.4'' He was dark greenish as most of his kind. He had a mohawk with a small ponytail and was missing the tip of his right tusk.

"What are you in for?" asked Theryn as he sat down on the hay that was used as a bed. The Orc just mumbled something.

"He don't talk." someone said as Theryn turned to face the cell across from his. "He can't."

"A speechless Orsimer." said Theryn. "How does someone like you end locked up?"

The Orc made a stabbing gesture with his hand. "So, a murderer." Theryn said. The Orc frowned and denied it by shaking his head.

"No? Then why did you stab someone?" Theryn asked again. The Orc leaned forward and started to write on the dirt floor with his finger. Theryn leaned forward as well to see what the Orc wrote down: Revenge.

"What for?" asked Theryn. The Orc wrote the answer down again: Family.

"Someone killed your family?" asked Theryn. The Orc nooded and wrote again: Not done yet.

"I'm sorry. I know how it feels." said Theryn. The Orc nooded and leaned back on the wall.

Some time passed as the doors of the dungeon opened. Theryn saw Val entering with a paper in her hand. She nooded at Theryn and went over to the guard. After reading the note, the guard unlocked Theryn's cell and let him out. As they were exiting the dungeon, Theryn looked back at the Orc one more time.

As the doors behind them closed shut, Theryn turned to Val. "How did you get me out?" he asked.

"I asked the jarl to let you out as a favor which we will repay." said Val.

"How?" Theryn asked.

"He wants us to go a nordic crypt. Bleak Falls Barrow." Val explained. "His court mage is investigating the reappearance of the dragons. He believes that there is a tablet inside the crypt that shows the ancient dragon burial grounds. The jarl wishes to use that information to mount a pre-emptive strike on the dragons."

"Ugh, Val. What have you gotten us into?" said Theryn.

"We got into this when that dragon attacked us." said Val. "Come on, Theryn. We have to help."

"Alright." said Theryn as Val smiled. "Let's get my things and go."


The snow started to fall as Theryn and Val reached the entrance to Bleak Falls Barrow. While Theryn saw many amazing things in his long life, Val was in awe with the size and look of the crypt. She looked at the columns and the intricate drawings. Theryn opened the old wooden doors of the crypt and stepped inside. As Val followed him, he pulled her to the side.

"What is it?" asked Val.

"Two guys at the end of the hallway." said Theryn and pointed towards a small camp fire. Judging by their clothing, they looked like regular bandits. Banditry was a big problem in Skyrim, but skilled fighters could easily take them out.

"Hit them with a fireball." said Theryn.

"What?" Val was a bit shocked. "Shouldn't you do this?"

"You wish to join me, you have to fight. I know you read that spell tome. You can do this." said Theryn.

Val stood up as she drew in a deep breath. She put her palms one above the other. A small light appeared and it started getting bigger. As the ball of ight got engulfed in flames, she gripped it in one hand like a rock and threw it towards the bandits. As soon as the fireball hit the bandit, it unleashed a huge explosion which tore the two bandits to pieces and in the end, erased every piece of them, leaving nothing but a pile of ash.

"Good job." said Theryn.

They made their way deeper into the crypt. As they traversed it, they came upon numerous traps which they managed to avoid. However, the thing that worried Theryn was when they came upon a chamber filled with spider web.

"Be careful Val." he said. "There could be spiders ahead."

"Gods, I hate spiders." said Val as she smiled.

"This isn't funny. These aren't normal spiders. These are as big as us." said Theryn.

"Ugh. Great." said Val.

They entered the chamber. Theryn was first with his sword and dagger drawn as he looked around the room for any signs of acivity. Val was behind him, a small ball of light in her hand as she was preparing a fireball. At the end of the chamber, they saw a person caught in the webbing.

They approached him as Theryn whispered. "Who are you?" he asked.

"My name is Arvel. I came here with my crew looking for nordic treasure." said the trapped bandit.

"Your crew? You must be the bandit leader." said Theryn.

"What? No, we're not bandits. We're treasure hunters." Arvel tried to reason. "Now, please cut me down."

Theryn nodded and cut Arvel from the web. "Where are the spiders?" he asked.

"Gone for some time. I think they went out to hunt." said Arvel.

"Good." said Theryn. "I really don't need any surprises today."

"You looking for the treasure as well?" Arvel asked.

"No. Just the dragon tablet." answered Val.

"Oh. Well, if it isn't shiny, you can take it. As a thank you for saving my life."  said Alvor.

They made their way further into the ruins as Arvel was explaining how he and his crew ended up here and how they reached this far into the crypt. He also told them about the golden dragon claw which opens the sealed door of the inner sanctum. The descent was pretty quiet until they came upon the main burial chambers.

"Now, we are gonna have to be careful here. We don't want to wake...UGH!" Arvel said as he felt a huge amount of pain in his abdomen.

Theryn and Val jumped back as they saw a giant battle axe come from around the corner to lodge itself in Arvel's gut. As Arvel looked down, the axe was pulled away as Arvel's intestines spilled out on the floor, followed by him falling down. As Arvel fell on the ground, a tall blueish figure stepped out of the dark. It looked like a skeleton with some flesh hanging of the bones and the eyes had a dark blue glow to them.

"Stay back, Val." said Theryn as he unsheated his sword.

The Draugr charged as the elf readied himself. The Draugr raised his axe, ready to slam it down, but Theryn managed to dodge his attack. Using the momentum of the dodge, he counter-attacked, slicing the draugr across the hip, leaving a big cut open. The draugr, unflinched by the attack, turned around to face the elf. Theryn, however, already launched his next attacke and slammed his sword into the cut made previously. He hit the draugr with such force, that the sword cut clean through the draugr's torso, cutting him in half.

"Talos slap me!" said Val, shock on her face. "How did you do that?"

"Practice." said Theryn with a smile on his face.

"I never saw a real draugr before." said Val.

"I did, once. It wasn't very fun." Theryn said. "Anyway, we have to go. We just need that claw."

They made their way further into the crypt, managing to take down a couple of draugr. After a while they reached a long corridor with paintings on the walls and a large stone door on the other side. Val looked at the paintings.

"What are these?" she asked.

"They tell stories of the old times." explained Theryn. "Each painting shows an important moment in history. These ones show us the Dragon War. And see these guys? They're the Dragon Priests. Their corpses lie buried around Skyrim, with powerful magic keeping their spirits on Nirn. You pray that you never have to face one."

"Why not? Can't another mage kill them?" asked Val.

"No." said Theryn. "You need special magical artifacts to kill them permanently. If you defeat them any other way, their spirits will return to ressurect them. If you can defeat them at all. They are powerful enough to slaughter entire villages on a whim. Only the strongest even dare to set foot in a direction of a Dragon Priest."

"Where can you find them?" Val asked.

"High up in the mountains or deep underground. Mostly around important dragon shrines." said Theryn.

They stood at the door, with three symbols on some kind of turning mechanism. Theryn noticed that one of the symbols matched a symbol on the claw that they took. They then turned the other locks and managed to match the symbols on the door with the claw. They inserted the claw into the lock and turned it, which opened the stone door.

They stepped through and came upon a giant cavern. At the far end stood a huge shrine with a dragon skull carving on it. They approached the shrine as Val started to get closer. 

"Val!" said Theryn. "Come here. Help me open this tomb. The tablet has to be here." Val however, continued walking slowly towards the shrine.

"Val!" yelled Theryn.

"Can't you hear that?" asked Val.

"Hear what?" replied Theryn.

"That chanting. I never heard the language but it still sounds so familiar." she said as she extended her hand towards the shrine.

"Bo strin dovahkiin"

"Val! Don't!" yelled Theryn as he rushed to her. But, Val managed to put her hand on the shrine before Theryn could reach her. As soon as she touched it, the shrine started shaking and a rays of magic enveloped her. As Theryn reached her, she was lifted in the air and the entire shrine exploded, sending both Val and Theryn flying back.

After the dust settled, Theryn stood up. He looked around and saw Val lying unconscious on the ground. He went over to her. "Hey! Val, can you hear me?" he asked while putting his fingers on her throat. "Thank the Gods, you're alive."

"Ugh, we have to go." he said to himself as he picked her from the ground. he got back to the tomb and opened it to reveal the dragon tablet. "This better be worth something." he said.


As Theryn made his way back to Whiterun with Val in his hands, he was horrified to see the city engulfed in flames. And even more by what he saw flying above. A dragon. Normally, he would turn around and let the people fend for themselves, but Val needed help and the nearest healer was in Whiterun.

He arrived at the city gates as the dragon was engulfing the military camp outside Whiterun in fire. He entered the city and was stopped by Irileth, the jarls housecarl.

"You're finally back!" she said as she looked down at Val. "What happened?"

"I don't know. It was some powerful magic." Theryn explained.

"Guards! Take the girl to the healer." Irileth said as she looked back at Theryn. "Listen. We need your help. You're the only one that has experience with dragons. Will you help us?"

"I will." said Theryn as he looked around the city. Citizens were trying to put out the flames as guards fired their arrows at the dragon.

Unlike the guards of Whiterun, Theryn had experience in fighting monsters and magical beings. However, he was going to need some help with a dragon. He then remembered his time in the dungeon. And the speechless Orsimer still locked inside. he hurried over to the dungeon, avoiding the flames along the way. He entered the dungeon and saw the Orsimer trying to break his locks. Theryn searched the shelves and found the cell keys.

"Did you ever fight a monster?" asked Theryn as he was changing keys to find one that fit the Orcs lock. The Orc nodded. "Here's the deal. You help me kill that dragon and I'll help you find the people that wronged you." The Orc nodded again and they shook hands.

As the Orsimer took his armor and warhammer, they stepped outside to see the dragon circling the city. Theryn knew that he had to bring it down somehow. Then he saw some of the archers. "Get to the main courtyard." he told the Orsimer. "I'll bring the dragon down, then we'll hit it."

The Orsimer nodded and rant up the stairs. Theryn, meanwhile, went up the ramparts, to a few bowmen. "Guards!" he yelled. "Fire at the dragon at the same time. He'll be forced to land."

After that, Theryn jumped down from the ramparts and made his way to the central courtyard, where he joined the Orsimer. His plan worked. With some many arrows fired, the dragon panicked and crashed down onto the Gildergreen Tree, smashing the entire tree.

Theryn and the Orc attacked the wounded dragon by targeting the joints on the wings to prevent the dragon from taking off. The dragon tried to fight back by hitting Theryn with his wing, sending him to the floor, but the Orc managed to smash one of the joints on his wing, the dragon roaring in pain. The dragon then hit the Orc with it's tail and turned it's attention back to Theryn who was still on the floor. But, as the dragon was preparing to engulf Theryn in flames, he was hit with a fireball. Theryn looked to his side and saw Val standing with another fireball forming in her hand.

As the second fireball hit the dragon, Theryn and the Orc stood up. Val pulled back as she was already tired and lost her energy. The dragon recovered from the attack, but was met by a fury of attacks from Theryn and the Orc. First a slice from Theryn's sword and then a crushing blow from the Orc's warhammer. As the dragon weakend, Theryn saw an opportunity to deliver the fatal strike. He and the Orc jumped on the dragon's back. Theryn raised his sword above him and hit the dragon in the head, between the eyes. The sword managed to puncture the tough skin but the dragon was still alive. Then the Orc hit the hilt of the sword with his warhammer, slamming the sword deep into the dragon's head, killing him once and for all. As the dragon fell down, Val came closer to it. That's when the dragon burst into flames and a magical light emerged from it's body to envelope Val.

"Val! Watch out!" Theryn yelled.

"It's alright." said Val as the light faded away.

"What is this?" asked Theryn.

"The healer in the temple explained everything. I'm a..." Val started to explain but she was interupted by Irileth.

"You did it. You killed the dragon. The jarl will want to speak with you." said Irileth.

The trio made their way to Dragonsreach as rain started to fall and the flames were being put out. A lot of the town was damaged but there were no casulties. They entered the keep and were greeted by jarl Balgruuf.

"I thank you for what you did. Whiterun would've been destroyed if not for you." he said. "You deserve a reward for your heroics. Anything you want."

Val was excited. "I want..." she said before being cut off by Theryn.

"All we need is some coin for our journey and freedom for this Orc." he said.

"Very well." said Balgruuf. "I do not care for what he was in the dungeons but he is free to go with you." He then turned to Val. "But you. The prophecies told of the Dragonborn but nobody tought it would be you."

"Dragonborn!?" Theryn was shocked. He knew about the prophecy but tought it was just a story.

"If you seek answers." said the jarl. "Go to the Greybeards. They live on the Throat of the World."

"I guess we know our next destination." said Val. As they were leaving the keep, Val turned at the Orc. "What's your name?"

The Orc unsheated his warhammer and showed her the hilt. On it was an ingraving: Rog.

"Cat got your tongue?" joked Val.

"He's speechless." said Theryn. "He can't talk."

"Oh. Sorry." said Val as Rog smiled.

The trio left Whiterun behind them as they turned east. To reach the Greybeards monastery, they will first have to traverse the dangerous wilderness of Eastmarch and then the treacherous slopes of the Throath of the World, the highest mountain in Tamriel.


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