Hircine's Child - Brotherhood

Monrththir walked in to Whiterun reluctantly. The fact that he needed more arrows and protection urked him. He'd rather not walk into a town full of hateful, stuck-up people. Unfortunately, yesterday's run-in with a trio of Sabre Cats while he ran to lick his wounds kind of drove it home that he needed more defense. That, and he'd spent a good deal of arrows turning them into swiss. On the other hand he had more pelts for his collection. That said, he really didn't like the tone of the merchant in The Drunken Huntsman, and the Jarl's Court Wizard was a prick. Still, it would only have to be quick. Just get the gear and get out.

He'd just left The Drunken Huntsman, Steel and Dwarven Arrows in toe, and was headed up to Dragonsreach to ask the Court Wizard for some better flesh spells. As he walked, he caught a scent. It was a familiar scent only because he'd ran into it one other time, but it was undistinguishable. The moment he sensed it, his whole body instinctively went to a defensive stance as he made sure to confirm to himself what scent he'd caught.

"Another werewolf..." he said quietly to himself.

He headed towards the scent, ready for whatever beast might lunge at him. He set up a quick Oakflesh and hunted, the people in the town giving him strange looks and keeping their distance. The children even commented on his odd behavior, wondering if he was playing "hide and seek". 

Eventually a guard had to confront him. "Hey you! I'm going to need you to stop that prowling around. You're scaring the citizens."

At first Monrththir ignored him and continued hunting. He was well on the trail and he wasn't about to let some guard puppet stop him from finding what he came to find. As he skulked up the steps he finally came to the source of the scent; a tall, well-built man covered fully in Steel Armor. But there was more; in his company was another man, adorned in what seemed like wolf-based armor, and a woman who wore armor that smelled of ancient heritage.

"This is your last warning. If you continue to scare the citizens I'll be forced to-" Monrththir rose, his hunt completed. He had no need to stalk anymore, much to the guard's relief. "Good. Now you behave yourself while you're in my city, you hear? Or I'll drag you to the Dragonsreach Dungeon myself," the guard said before he returned to his post.

"Your city...?" Monrththir muttered under his breath in scorn. But he had no time to waste on some meaningless guard. No he had a much bigger interest at hand. He could smell it now; they were all werewolves. Just like him. And they were living amongst the people of Whiterun.

This, he had to see.

He followed them towards their headquarters.. As the three of them walked up the stairs the female turned to meet his gaze, as if she knew he was following them. For a time they watched each other before she returned to her path. He didn't know it then, but she had already increased his interests.

He found the previous guard, his back against the post, and queried him. "You. What is that building up there?" He pointed to their headquarters. He figured the guard should be at least this useful, since he sees the city as "his".

The guard, reluctant at first, finally answered: "That's Jorrvaskr, the hall of The Companions. They're a group of honorable warriors that take on missions in Skyrim. Thinking of joining? Just try not to cause any trouble while you're up there Wood Elf."

"I'll forget I heard that...," he said as he walked away. The Companions, eh? And some odd jobs that involve muscle. Not to mention the werewolves. He couldn't resist. He sighed to himself. "Honorable warriors... Ah to Oblivion with it. I'll give it a shot anyways." He headed towards Jorrvaskr, with the intent to understand his were brothers and sisters. Perhaps it was the beast blood within him that made him feel more at ease around them, or perhaps he was looking for a fight. Either way, he could not deny his desire to hunt by their side. And so he walked through the doors, ready to start his life as a Companion.

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