Jeanna's Journey - Prologue

The Journey of Jeanna Mannav, Knight Cleric of the Nine.



     “The priests have decided that you are the best suited to perform as keeper of the Skyrim Cathedral. With the Thalmor running about, they’ll eventually want in to deal with the Talos shrines and artifacts within.”
Jeanna regarded her teacher, an old knight cleric named Doran. She nodded and smiled. The old man smiled back through his well kept grey beard. “It saddens you,” he said, “I can see that. Take heart and remember that you do the work of the Divines, Jeanna. Besides, perhaps you’ll find some trouble to get into.” She chuckled and Doran joined her in the mirth.

*           *           *

     “You from Daggerfall, breton?” Jeanna wanted to scream at these ignorant Legionaires.
Should have taken a damn boat, she thought, but no, I hate the ocean, and I thought it might be an enlightening experience to travel the land created by the Divines. Foolish girl.

The next few hours played out like some kind of dream. Helgen was attacked by a dragon! Jeanna ran, struggling to survive the magical onslaught that was suddenly destroying the city around her. She followed the Legionnaire, Hadvar, into the keep. They had to fight their way through fleeing Stormcloak rebels.

Idiots, she thought, don’t they realize what’s going on around them? Why take the time to fight us? We should be working together to get out of here and warn people!

When the pair finally escaped through a cave system beneath the keep, Hadvar invited Jeanna to go with him to Riverwood, a small village nearby where they could hold up for the night. His uncle, Alvor, took some convincing when they told their story of a great black dragon attacking Helgen. When they learned of Jeanna destination they asked her to stop in Whiterun and relate her information to Jarl Balgruf in the hope that he would send them aid in case of another attack. She agreed to set off first thing the next morning and collapsed, exhausted, into the nearest bed.

Jeanna awoke just before dawn and bid farewell to her hosts. Hadar told her to consider joining the Legion and aiding in the war. She promised to consider it, but nothing more. Her journey to Whiterun was uneventful, but her visit with the jarl was interesting to say the least. He agreed to send a small detachment of soldiers to Riverwood and then introduced her to his court wizard, a condescending wisp of a man that didn’t have the courage to seek out his own adventures.

If I can help, I will. First, though, I’ll need to check on the cathedral and gather some gear.

*          *          * 

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  • I haven't written stories in forever and a day.  Bear with me as my style and tone and such might shift constantly.   In later sections I want to add screenshots to add to the narrative as best I can.  Those will be few and far between as my writing catches up to my gaming.  Hope you enjoy it even if just a little.  Thanks for reading!

    • I'm super excited for this Toryn! I love it so far!

      • I'm excited that you're excited.  :)

  • I say you’re off to a great start with this story. 

    • Thanks, Curse.  Of course I know you know this wouldn't exist without your Knight Cleric build.  :)

      Hope I do you proud.

  • Hey mate, I really like what you’ve got so far. Definitely has grabbed me for sure, can’t wait to see what’s this Skyrim Catherdal looks like. Everytime I think of it, I immediately think of the Temple of the Divines. Keep up the great work mate

    • I'll be inserting some screenshots after this, Lee.  The Cathedral of the Nine is actually a home mod I downloaded.  It seemed appropriate.  :)

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