North Hammer, South Dagger

   The voices, can you hear them? Three Tunes. One; the voice of an ancient Dwemer Architect. He calls himself simply, the architect. Second tune; the voice of a passed member of the order as per tradition. Third tune; reason and logic or balance “host.” The ancient order of Three Tune Paladins, little known to Skyrim. This order keeps the balance of light and dark, good and evil.  We stand on the belief that without light there is no dark, and without dark there can be no light.

   We fight in the light and in the darkness, we are the tri-balance. Three, the sacred number three, we are not separate, no, we share the “host.” All tunes under one command, or as the architect states all tunes in one automotan or machine. We are one but three, the tunes are as this; order,chaos,and balance. The architect insists differently however. He states;Sunder,keening and wraith Guard. “Wraithguard” referencing not only an ancient artifact, but also the balance of power or control. We prefer this ideology over the former, and we are granted permission of acceptance of principal. The voices, yes I’m sure you can hear them, after all, we are the tunes of balance.


The architect and his shell

    This was all part of the plan, avoid the battle of red mountain and “maintain presence in the land of Skyrim.” Lord Dumac’s last word to his only son; and hidden Tonal Architect Viromac. For despite all the rumors; Lord Dumac felt the “Tunes” of change were coming for the Dwemer and they would culminate there at the mountain. So it was, Architect Viromac, son of the great Dumac took Azura’s Star and used it as a focal point to enter this shell, the architect shell.

    Viromac withdrew from thought and memory as the third tune became aware of it. This mer was perfect, easily readable, yet steady in his position as wraithguard three tune. Yet he need not be made aware of the plans. “Are you in thought first tune, you know we are one. Speak your thoughts to all tune do not falter in this as my job is to keep balance, and if you are thinking in the first tune alone that is not balance.” 

   “Yes Wraithguard, I am simply thinking we must continue to act on behalf of ulfric in this war. He will surely bring balance to this land will he not?”

   “First tune, it matters not, as long as one side wins there will be balance.”

    “Ah you tunes do not wish to use keen since and profit from both sides of this war? I believe that will maintain a form of balance.”

    “Second Tune that is why we rely less on your keen words than any other tune, how does that bring balance? I am curious as to your reasoning that profiting off of war and blood keeps balance.”

     “Simply put, a dagger on the throat for this side and a dagger on the throat for that side seems to stay with in balance, one kill here and one kill there. Not only would that serve both, but it would serve in continuing a balance formed in blood, neither would win the war.”

   “You see keening, you think of balance in a disturbing tune. However your words are valid as that would be a form of balance, but wraith Guard, is that the balance the order seeks?”

    “I disagree with you keening, however, the thought of profit excites me,we will seek your profit from the Stormcloaks as I see more opportunity for balance with them.” Retorted wraithguard three tune. Good, this is working in my favor, ulfric also is a host, hence his use of the tune or as these Nords call it the voice. He is in sync with the tune of yor and prophecy Lord Dumac spoke of. Indeed this is playing out the tune of rebirth of dwemer.

    “Once your tune is in sync with the tune of rebirth, then and only then will we walk nirn again. You are the key and he who bears the name of the storm is the lock. Sunder the lock of war and you free the trap of Kagrenac, release the eye and seek the psijic, the second binding is broken. Destroy the throat of world by destroying the heart and the third releases the bloodline and Dwemer are reborn under a psijic sun.”  Lord and his father Dumac’s prophecy spoken only to Viromac within the Aetherium forge Before Red mountain.

     The prophecy had so much detail if one read between the lines, yet was still a confusing thing. The architect couldn’t even fathom what “release the eye” interpreted to, however psijic was familiar as he had initially “shelled” within a magister who declared himself of the order. However that was many a tune ago,now he hadn’t heard anything of them since then, so another difficult thing to follow up on. “To Windhelm then?”

      “Nay, I think we need to accomplish the task at hand, we have been told of the Dragonstone which we should follow up on. After all; We have seen just that, a dragon which has not been seen since many a long tune ago.”

    “Come now do either of you tunes think of anything other than fetch. I say we should visit one of my descendants of the brotherhood, after all I’m sure they miss me.”

    “We are reason and logic, I suggest we.....”

  Readers: In this story I want to involve you. Throughout this story I will ask you to make decisions. The first is Should We Follow up on the Dragonstone or as keening says “visit a descendant of the brotherhood.” Remember there are Three Tunes so there is a third option of Windhelm and Ulfric. Leave a comment within 7 days and whatever decision has more we will go that way. Thank you.




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  • A story about the dwemer? Now I’m interested. 

  • I wouldn’t have guessed you had a talent for writing. I’m quite impressed with what you’ve got so far. 

    • Thanks Curse Never Dying.

    • Also this is the build I have been hinting at. Dragon Aspect and little Armor though the armor rating through smithing and a few blacksmith potions will still be equal to an unimproved dragon scale armor set. That is Just with Gauntlets and Boots of What I call Tune;Armor, and some jewelry I call Tunal Focus. Plus some enchanting for fortify heavy armor. Bam! you got the architect! ;)

      • It looks like you have the beginnings of a great build. I eagerly await the day it drops in the skyrim cb group 

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