Sah: good news guys we got a new job from the Companions 

Pacifist Sah: its about time, we're broke

[Thief Sah is sobbing in the corner]

Sah: whats up with her someone steal her slingshot again? 

Archer Sah: No she had a hot date with Brynjolf and he dumped her 

Theif Sah: I protest ...ohhh why me? 

Pacifist Sah: here we go again! 

Thief Sah: I haven't heard from him since yesterday. I've called, left messages even tried sending nude text no response. 

Sah: there's probably a perfectly good explanation. 

Thief Sah: you think so? 

Assassin Sah: he could be seeing some one else? 

Mage Sah: there you go that sounds like a  perfectly good explanation 

Assassin Sah: he could be dead? 

Mage Sah: thanks guys you make me feel so much better 

Sah: YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE about this job from the Companions, some one has been kidnapped & its our job to rescue them. 

Pacifist Sah: cant the Companions do it? 

Archer Sah: yea they just keep on giving us crappy and underpaid jobs 

Sah: NO.... this job is special and needs our upmost discretion 

Pacifist Sah: our lips are sealed we got any suspects? 

Archer Sah: any ransom demand? 

Assassin Sah: any letters with body parts? 

Thief Sah: who is the victim? 

Sah: Victims name is Nazeem, and just about every one in Whiterun is a suspect, we have not received any body parts yet, but we got a note, we have to rescue him from Lost Echo Cave and escort him back.

[Suddenly out from deep under the covers appears .....]

Reporter Sah: hello beloved readers 

Sah: what in the name of Talos? 

Mage Sah: Ohhhh, think I just ....  my self 

Reporter Sah: this one is deep undercover, and is following up on a kidnapping story 

Sah: how do you know about that? 

Reporter Sah: Twitter 

Sah: what?.... you tweeted it? 

Thief Sah: sorry 

Pacifist Sah: whats done is done but will deal with you later 

Reporter Sah: Whats the story? what do you have so far? 

Assassin Sah: Brynjolf dumped Thief Sah 

Thief Sah: I protest! 

Pacifist Sah: not again, keep it up and will hurt you 

Reporter Sah: he could be dead or even worse seeing some one else 

Assassin Sah: that's what I said but the other way around 

Reporter Sah: no its not the same, being dead is much better from ..... 

Sah: guys guys focus on the Mission please 

Mage Sah: wait ...your not letting her stay? 

Reporter Sah: this one is deep undercover and would like to be embedded 

Pacifist Sah: embedded with what? 

Thief Sah: so you really think hes dead? 

Reporter Sah: wants to be embedded into the team, the readers want to know what its like working for the Companions? 

Archer Sah:  they just keep giving us crap and underpaid jobs 

Mage Sah: and don't forget all the ticks & fleas 

Thief Sah: and you have to be discrete 

Pacifist Sah: something you obviously know nothing about, never heard about YouTube? 

Archer Sah:  yea we could of made a brilliant video of the mission with trippie music 

Sah: speaking of missions about we focus on this one 

Assassin Sah: was hoping you forgot 

Pacifist Sah: yea cant the companions do it? 

Thief Sah: do what?. .

[swinging a slingshot above her head]

Reporter Sah: this slingshot is so cool 

Sah: in the name of Mara who gave her a slingshot? 

Thief Sah:  I gave her my slingshot 

Sah: why on Nirn did you do that? 

Thief Sah: she would have stolen it anyways 

Archer Sah: its not my fault we only have one 

Thief Sah: and you know?.. remember... the inbedding thing?

Sah: what inbedding thing?

Reporter Sah: yea and please don't forget my secret initiation! 

Thief Sah: oh you be so glad to be inbedded with us tonight 

Assassin Sah: embedded you idiot not inbedded your hearing aid not working again? 

Thief Sah: what? 

Sah: she's a reporter, you don't give reporters slingshots! only a idiot would give a reporter a slingshot 

Thief Sah: I protest!!!! 

Pacifist Sah: you heard that 

Reporter Sah: why dose she always say I protest all the time? 

Assassin Sah: she's a thief what you expect her to say I confess 

Sah: and you reporter careful where you point that thing 

Reporter Sahhmmm Hroki had her g-string stolen, this one might have to investigate and do a story? 

Pacifist Sah: please don't tell me your going deep undercover again? 

Archer Sah: wow going deep undercover when your already deep undercover 

Pacifist Sah: is that even possible? 

Assassin Sah: be very hot 

Sah: we cant sit here talking about mission details all day ....OK lets get going 

Pacifist Sah: not sure about one thing the embedded part, embed her with what? 

Thief Sah: what?



Strange Narrators Voice: "Previously on Sah vs Sah's" 

Archer Sah: "what.... who said that?" 

Mage Sah: "Ohhh ....think I just my self!" 

Assassin Sah: "ohh no the voices?" 

Strange Narrators Voice:  "I said Previously on Sah vs Sah's" 

Archer Sah: "there it is again?" 

Mage Sah: "Ohhh ....think I just my self again" 

Assassin Sah: "I knew it was only a matter of time before we started hearing voices and stuff"

Strange Narrators Voice:  "As I said Previously on Sah vs Sah's, Ohhh forget it ...... "  

[after some time]

Strange Narrators Voice: "And now the Conclusion of Sah vs Sah's & the Twitter Story" 

Archer Sah: "what.... her we go again....who said that?" 

Mage Sah: "Ohhh ....think I just my self....AGAIN"

Assassin Sah: "not the voices..." 

Pacifist Sah: "RELAX.....deep breaths......breath into the paper bag"

Strange Narrators Voice:  "why do I get all the Armatures? …. as I said AND NOW THE CONCULUSION of Sah vs Sah's & the Twitter Story" 


Reporter Sah: "Hello beloved readers 5am Sunday, and we are standing outside of Lost Eco Cave …."

Sah: "I wish she hurry up"

Mage Sah: "yea I had to cancel my Pilates session with that hot Elf instructor"

Sah: "since when did being tortured become a Pilates workout?"

Mage Sah: "TORTURE?"

Sah: "yea you idiot that hot Elf is a Thalmor Justiciar"

Mage Sah: "and your point is?"

Reporter Sah: "As I was saying we are standing outside of Lost Eco Cave & this is what we know so far about the kidnapping of Nazeem"

Assassin Sah: "he's in a cave somewhere?"

Thief Sah: "got a idea! … we can go around the back and use the back door"

Reporter Sah: "caves don't have back doors ....hey where did every one go?"

Thief Sah: "they all went around the back to use the back door"

[some time later]

Reporter Sah: "Hello beloved readers 7am Sunday, and we are standing outside of the back door of Lost Eco Cave …."

Sah: "wish she hurry up"

Mage Sah: "yea I had to cancel my Pilates session with that hot Elf instructor"

Sah: "since when did being tortured become a Pilates workout?"

Mage Sah: "TORTURE?"

Sah: "didn't we just do this a moment ago?"

Mage Sah: "and your point is?"

Reporter Sah: "this one is embedded with a Elite Companions Black Ops Secret Team witch is ready to storm Lost Eco Cave and save kidnaped Nazeem"

Pacifist Sah: "I knew it …. she on about the embedding thing again?"

Reporter Sah: "Victims name is Nazeem, and just about every one in Whiterun is a suspect, we have not received any body parts yet, but we got a note"

Archer Sah: "are getting paid for this?"

Sah: "yep"

Archer Sah: "how much?"

Sah: "the usual Elite Companions Black Ops rates … 100 gold"

Archer Sah: "and how much is the ransom?'

Sah: "5000 gold"

Archer Sah: "OK is it just me? ….. what's wrong with this picture?"

Assassin Sah: "uhmm no body parts?"


Pacifist Sah: "wow these bandits might be a hand full"

Mage Sah: "naaaa ….. she's talking about us silly"

Reporter Sah: "the situation seems hopeless beloved readers … if only Todd Skywalker from Planet Beth was here?"

Pacifist Sah: "where is Assassin Sah?"

Sah: "she's over there talking to someone" 

[near by over there]

Assassin Sah: "hello there"

R2-D2: Beep bopp bipp

Assassin Sah: "what press this button here?" 

[suddenly a hologram appears]

Princess Leia: "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi"

Assassin Sah: "uhm yea ... I'm Obi-Wan Kenobi"

Princess Leia: "I have the secret stolen Elder Scrolls 6 plans!"


Strange Narrators Voice: "If you think your confused its OK ...your not alone" 

Archer Sah: "what what what.... there is that voice again....who said that?" 

Mage Sah: "Ohhh ....think I just my self....AGAIN" 

Strange Narrators Voice: "what dose all this have to do with Twitter?" 

Assassin Sah: "remains silent" 

Strange Narrators Voice: "to be continued"