The Book of Languages - Part XII: Dark Elf Script

Dark Elf Script


The Dark Elf Script as it is (or was) used by slavers in and around the region of Tear. It is not known if there exists a separate language for this script specifically or if Dunmeris/Alt-Redoranis is used. From what we know, the direction in which the glyphs are written is inconsistent and there exists no known cipher.



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  • An interesting one, odd that's used only in Dres territory. Did that come out of ESO?

    • It's from the Origins of Cyrus! comic. The Dunmer there speak this.

      • Huh, a pretty obscure piece of TES media. Explains why I didn't know about this, never got into any of the side games. An interesting find!

        • I've been looking all over for ES writing systems. In fact, the main criteria for a language to make it into my book is a writing system. I only included Ald-Chimeris, Aldmeris and Bosmeris because of their importance and/or complexity compared to other languages. 

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