The Book of Languages - Part XIII: Elder Script

Elder Script


Elder Script is the name given to the 70 unique glyphs that are found on the fabled and blindingly unreadable Elder Scrolls. Few have come into the possession of one and fewer still have had a look at one. Truth be told, to bring about this collection of glyphs for further analysis, generations of moth priests went blind to transcribe them.



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  • This artwork is divine. It should be put in a museum if not included in the next elder scroll game! Have you submit this to Bethesda on their art submission forms? They had one going on for the tenth anniversary of Skyrim I believe.

    Btw, hope you're doing well, Prime. Longtime!

    • Oh, hey Frozzy! Good to see you and thanks! 

      No I have not submitted it to the art submission forms and I don't think I will. But I appreciate in what high regards you hold my work. :D

      And yes, I'm doing well. Hope you do too!

This reply was deleted.