The Shinigami

Warning: this story contains profanity, blood, violence, gore, and sexual content. If you are under 18 years of age, please be advised.




It was as if the wall talked to him. It spoke of what the incomprehensible words inscribed on it meant. He could not understand the writing. It was as if scratched by a gargantuan animal. 

But he knew that it was no simple minded beast. It was patterned. They were words. Whoever wrote this was sentient. But it seemed very ancient. He could not identify it. However, somehow he understood it. 

"Battle Cry", he thought, hearing the voices coming from the magical wall. Curiously, he approached the wall. The voices became louder. Magical wards appeared out of nowhere and swirled upon him. It looked like the combination of bright lights and loud noises would climax into a burst of energy. But it did not. It was suddenly over. 

"Did you see that? The wall", he asked Acilius, a person he just met.

"See what? You were just staring at the wall, boy", Acilius answered. 

He did not expect that answer. It was so loud, and there was even visible, tangible magic. He reflected that he might probably be going insane since he had been dodging traps and solving puzzles for the past few hours. But it was not the case. He knew what he heard and what he saw. Cloud Ruler Temple has its mysteries, and he might have just seen one. 

"No matter", he thought. He was there for a mission, not sight seeing. He was looking for someone within the ruins of a dilapidated Blades temple who might alleviate their current misfortunes.

"Sir Acilius", he called the old man, not sure how to address a member of the Blades. Then he proceeded to ask, "would you happen to know where 'Ryushin' is?"


Act 1: "Fatherland's Gateway"

Act 2: "Ronin"

Act 3: "Angel of Death"

Act 4: "Pretentious Innocence"

Act 5: "Empty Shadow"

Act 6: "Bloodstalker"

Act 7: "Arriving Storms"

Act 8: "Afterlife Shortlived"


*Author's Note:

The Shinigami is based on the God of death in Japanese Pop Culture, sometimes also referred to as "Soul Reaper" or "Angel of Death", with a little "Samurai" twist inspired by Tite Kubo's popular manga series "Bleach". 

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  • Loving these stories so far. And I believe you hinted at a character build tied to these stories? If so I can’t wait to see it.

    • I am thrilled to know that you're actually loving this story! Yes, this is the backstory that I'm currently playing right now. It might take a while to finish though. I'll try my very best to make it fast for you guys. Thanks for the kind comment.

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