Ein replied to Kendrix Trixie's discussion What canon event(s) in Skyrim would you change?
"I’d change ever having to serve/associate with Hermaeus Mora.. For a Daedric Prince of Knowledge he sure is a decietful bastard..
The ending of Dragonborn DLC and Miraak being double crossed by his own Lord, really paints a bleak picture for the…"
Apr 24, 2020
Ein replied to Curse's discussion Let's Discuss - Who is the most hated NPC in Skyrim and why?
"Elenwen (Thalmor as a whole) and Delphine (who would want to kill Paarthanax?). 
I’d even add Tullius to the list. As a Nord myself, his comments are rude bordering racist. 
Also that “Forget the list, he/she goes to the block” headass lol"
Apr 23, 2020
Ein replied to Furrion 17's discussion Who is your Canon Protagonist in Skyrim?
"I like this idea a lot."
Apr 23, 2020
Ein replied to Furrion 17's discussion Who is your Canon Protagonist in Skyrim?
"I agree. That’s how i’ve always felt the canon Dragonborn would be in my mind"
Apr 23, 2020
Ein replied to DeltaFox's discussion Favorite side character
"The Ebony Warrior.
So much mystery behind him. This Redguard is larger than any other man on Nirn. He uses the Thuum. His only goal is going to Sovngarde. 
What is his backstory?
Where was he the entire game?
Blows my mind."
Apr 23, 2020
Ein replied to TwistedApollo's discussion Poll: What is your favorite playstyle?
"I’ll usually start with the Paladin build out of the gate (Heavy Armor, Shield, Sword, Restoration support) until i feel comfortable and leveled up a bit.. Usually find myself switching towards a Two Handed Barbarian build from there, before…"
Apr 23, 2020
Ein replied to Curse's discussion What is your favorite race and why?
"Nord. As someone with Norwegian ancestry, the Viking-esque aspect appeals to me personally from a cultural heritage standpoint. I’ve played the same race since ES3 Morrowind.
Lorewise, i enjoy the idea of the divine Talos, and the ancient Atmorans. …"
Apr 23, 2020
Ein replied to Albino's discussion How to Enter the College WITHOUT Starting the Questline in Skyrim Character Building
"Thank you for this, ive been looking around the internet all day for it.. Specifically, as to why i cant start the Ritual Spell Quests since i’ve evaded joining the College itself.. 
It’s a shame i won’t be able to have the Master Dead thrall spell…"
Apr 22, 2020
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Apr 22, 2020



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