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C.o.t.W Chapter 134: Light of the Spirit



Hasir blinked multiple times to ensure what, or rather, who, he was seeing was indeed accurate. The elder turned and bowed, a bit clumsily, as the female Agronian approached. Hasir screwed his face up, usure of whether or not this was a flirtatious a

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C.o.t.W Chapter 133: Spirits Intertwined



They desecended into darkness. Hasir cast a candelight spell to shed some light on the situation. Light danced upon the stone surface of the chamber like fireflies on a summer's night. Seven-Bellies chuckled softly to himself as he witnessed Hasir's

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Character Build: The Ultimate Mercenary


I thought up this build after playing Sonic Forces for the first time. I thought "Wow, the phantom ruby mechanic would make for a really good Skyrim build." This build is based off of the phantom ruby mechanics and powers from that game.  Also, Infin

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Character Build: The Mechanical Genius



Miles "tails" Prower is my favorite character in the sonic the hedgehog games. I wanted to see how and where he would fit into the world of Skyrim. I also picked out the perfect race (mod) for him in Skyrim.  His shy but helpful personality, along wi

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Character Build: The Eye of Ra


I love ancient egyptian mythology and a god of particular interest, at least to me, is Sekhmet, the lion goddess of war, healing, plagues and wrath of the sun. I love how she is depicted as the destructive eye of Ra and how she can both call plagues

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C.o.t.w Chapter 132: The Triad of Fate



The Argonian transformed into his beast form and sniffed deeply. He could smell the crisp air, dampness of the grass and earthiness of the trees. Another scent infiltrated his nostrils: several people along with an ashy smell. Twilight howled once he

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C.o.t.W Chapter 130: Dark Moons




Twilight ran full pelt out of the town, over the marshy puddles and weaved between deadly creatures as he had one goal in mind: flay the idiots who captured his furry friend. His eyes burnt white hot as he thought of the unimaginable torture Inigo m

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C.o.t.W Chapter 129: Against Expectations



Hasir cast his light spell and, as the tiny ball of light hovered inches from his palm, he moved deep into the fort; expecting to be set upon by monster at any ime. He gave a great sigh of relief when his fears seemed to be unfounded. As he rounded a

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C.o.t.W Chapter 128: Dawn is Breaking



Inigo fell to him knees and cried out. He cursed the silver dawn; though he did not know who they were. After five minutes of grief, he noticed a

medal lying in the grass  He picked it up and noted how on one side was the sigil of Molag Bal: a effigy

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C.o.t.W Chapter 127: Shadow of the Nameless



Hasir looked at Xeeka as if he were scrutizing a tasty fish before ingesting it.

"How did you meet this Sharp-As-Night? Did you two have a love affair in a dark alley or something?"


Xeeka raised a hand and slapped the insolent Argonian. Never before h

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C.o.t.W Chapter 126: The Wilted Rose



Hasir satred back at Veexith and merely shrugged. He did not have the faintest idea. Though, he did have a hunch, he just hoped he was wrong.

"I have no idea. My best guess is that the Doomstrider sensed you soul burning through his dark clouds and v

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D.K.R Year 1 Fledgling Part 4 Devious Dealings



The Argonians boarded the boat along with Mere-glim, he put his tail in the water and eased the boat away from the dock, turned the vessel away


and headed for Vvardenfell. Drujeeta and Juleen discussed the vision with Glim. The argonian said they

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Character Build: The Anesthesiologist


Anesthesiologists are the doctors in charge of monitoring patients during the application of anesthesia before surgery and they then monitor their vital signs during surgery. The application of the gas can be dangerous because if done wrong, the pati

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Character Build: Savior of the Soul Cairn

Savior of the Soul Cairn

This build is my attempt at bringing the character Danny Phantom, from the show of the same name, and, personally my favorite nickelodeon show-into the world of Skyrim. I feel that his powers and ghost form would translate rea

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Character Build: The Serpent of Eden


One of my favorite books is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and this build is based on my favorite character from that book. His name is Anthony Crowley and he is a duke of hell. however, he is often criticized by them for being too 'na

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C.o.t.w Chapter: The Endless Grey



As Hasir, Inigo and the other companions ermerged from the portal, they found themselves in a city with a sky that burned cold and

had equally creepy architecture. The foreboding atmosphere only served to triple the grief that had their hearts in a vi

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