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On the Rise: Chapter Five

Navigating her way to the Ragged Flagon was easy enough for Arbelle. She had spent enough time crawling around down there like a desperate, hungry rat. Returning to this place gave her no pleasure, but the sooner she was done, the sooner she could le

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On the Rise: Chapter Four

Chapter Four: Meeting the Family 

The nightmares that often plagues Arbelle's sleep had mercifully relented, at least that night. For the first time in a very long time, the young Breton had slept well, and awakened fully rested. She had almost forgot

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On the Rise: Chapter Three

Chapter Three: Welcome Home 


In the last week or so, Arbelle and Gabriella had travelled through nearly half the province of Skyrim. Most likely a normal occurrence for Gabriella, but Arbelle hadn't travelled this much since she was a child, long bef

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On the Rise: Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Baptism of Fire 


A few days later, Arbelle found herself in the ancient city of Windhelm, accompanying Gabriella on some vague task. She hadn't been too specific, and frankly at the moment Arbelle had little reason not to trust Gabriella

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On the Rise: TOC


Darkness has awakened in Skyrim.


One year after the Emperor's assassination, the Dark Brotherhood has risen to infamy it has not known in centuries. With such prominence comes the need for new recruits. Young mage Arbelle Fane is one such recruit,

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On the Rise: Chapter One

Chapter One: A Dark Sister is Born 

Down in the darkest depths of Riften's Ratway lived a cursed soul in every sense of the phrase. Once a daughter of a proud, well-off family, now condemned to scraping, stealing, and begging just to survive. Orphaned

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