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Writing - How Do You Do It?

I’m sure we all can agree, writing can be daunting - whether it’s your first time, or if you’re coming back into it after a break. As the Sky Forge grows and to an extent the Story Corner with stories - either new or sequels - appearing more frequent

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Skywind Gameplay Trailer

Hey guys! Just over a week ago, the team working on Skywind, had published their very first gameplay trailer at Gamescon - which was also live streamed and had an interview (in German, but later on, English subs were added).

Watching the gameplay myse

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Skylivion - Teaser Trailer

Hey guys, the TESRenewal team have recently made a teaser trailer for Skylivion - recreating/using Skyrim’s engine and porting Oblivion to it. I personally am amazed at the level of detail that they’ve done so far in the Teaser Trailer.

What’s your th

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