Nightstalker replied to Omega144p's discussion Character Build: The Vedymin in Skyrim Character Building
"I play  a  male imperial   when playing this  build   i normally max myself out   by level  142   but i usually stop  im the cheat room,s  exp   chamber  by level 141   this leaves a huge gap    for  Learning  skills  till i hit 142   so i tend max …"
Nightstalker replied to Omega144p's discussion Character Build: The Vedymin in Skyrim Character Building
"I HIGHLY Recommend  the mod  grandmasters  wolven armour   the mod alows you to craft it in two colors  grey and a mix of red brown and grey  you also get two swords steel and silver   with   the mod   .  lastly i always    make my charcter male …"
Oct 21
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Oct 21
Nightstalker replied to Dr. Long-Chapper's discussion Character Build: The Lovelorn Dragonborn (mini-build) in Skyrim Character Building
"lydia  looks hot in that picture "
Oct 4
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Sep 22
Nightstalker replied to Raid's discussion Character Build: The White Walker in Skyrim Character Building
"someone made a white walker race mod interesting to see how  some the play style    will work with that"
Aug 8
Nightstalker replied to Elysium's discussion Character Build: The Vengeance of House Hlaalu in Skyrim Character Building
"if playing on console  there is a mod join dawnguard   as a vampire  "
Jul 30
Nightstalker replied to nystee's discussion Contest Build: The Twisted Jester in Skyrim Character Building
"great build what outfit is that though   ? it  is a mod  ?and if so what one the whole build  has this  1600s assassin   look  about it   its truely   a  work of art  itself  "
Jul 20
Nightstalker replied to Albino's discussion Character Build: The Selenu Vampire in Skyrim Character Building
"Great build  however you can play this as a redguard    with the racial tweaks  redguard   mod    it gives a 50% fire   resist and 50%poison  resist plus other extra passive  powers  extra damage to dwemer machines  and ones you can use    by…"
Jul 20
Nightstalker replied to Ramses the Rad's discussion Event Build: Blackmane The Barbarian in Skyrim Character Building
"REALLY liked this build   i was planing   on making on similar  myself  for awhile   i used most of what you,ve    advised here   however   for race i went   with     redguard  because  i,ve always  wanted  to barbarian  of that race   Can you…"
Jun 28
Nightstalker liked Ramses the Rad's discussion Character Build: An Orc Wanderer in Skyrim Character Building
Jun 26
Nightstalker replied to Chris Diokno's discussion Character Build: The Uruk Magnar in Skyrim Character Building
"I must say i,ve been having alot of fun with this   build  more since crazylion   did a mod of Gorehowl   <I play  on console   xbox one>  a few other tips   i tend mix things   up a bit with this build    with marksman and  Alchemy   <due to the…"
Jun 24
Nightstalker replied to Ben C's discussion Character Build: The Cartographer in Skyrim Character Building
"If playing on   console   xbox one   like i do    there is a map seller mod    that fits this build   and its lore perfectly  ,I highly    reccomend   it   its only a few kbs and  the seller is in  a hur just outside  whiterun   and has maps to…"
Jun 24
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Jun 13
Nightstalker replied to Henson's discussion Character Build: The Garlythi in Skyrim Character Building
"If you   have the creation club the zombies and bone wolf make   a ideal fit   for this build
Jun 6
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