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The Lost Era - Chapter I: Human Once More

The campfire crackled softly and bestowed warmth upon him who chose to sit by its side. He had lit it moments afore. The winds were cold so close to Bruma and the nights have been getting longer since the Cursewood had appeared. A small tent with a t

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The Book of Languages - Part XI: Dwemeris



The replicated insignia above belongs to a Dwemer lexicon, a special type of artifact constructed by the ancient Dwemer, whose language we will examine next.

There is a great deal known about the taciturn metalworkers, engineers and scientists

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The Book of Languages - Part X: Dovahzul



Dovahzul, the language of the ancient Dov, the Dragons. While their terrible rule was nirnwide, no single province had been influenced as much as Skyrim. There, most of the existing word walls can be found and Nords famously learned the ways

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The Book of Languages - Part IX: Divine Script

Divine Script 


The Divine Script is a system of writing that has been observed in oy two instances: On the Eye of Magnus and on the banners and within the black books that are found within the Apocrypha of Hermaeus Mora. 

There are no known translation

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