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Poll: Fallout character building event

Hi all.

This weeks poll is to gauge interest in a character building event for the fallout games. While there have been many successful events for Skyrim builds, we'd like to see if there is any interest in something similar for Fallout. 

Let us know i

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Poll: Pirates of Tamriel event

With judging concluding today, and the winners being announced, it's time to hear your opinions!

What was your favorite build and why? What stood out to you? What do you think would make for a good event theme next time around? Discuss below!

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Poll: Multiplayer Skyrim

So it looks like the long awaited multiplayer Skyrim mod is getting closer and closer to release. Despite some recent controversies, it might not be long before the possibility of exploring Skyrim with friends becomes a reality. 
Is playing Skyrim wi

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Character Build: The Witchhunter


The witch hunter was one of my favourite builds to play and so was near the top of my revamp list. This new and improved version is much closer to what long time tes fans will be familiar with and offers great roleplay and powerplay optio

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