Majesty posted a status
Jul 16, 2019
Nearly at the end of my tether with Skyrim. Even with the Unofficial Patch its still a buggy mess. I’ve restarted this playtest twice already, and now Galmar refuses to give me my orders for the liberation of falkreath. Anyone know how to fix this?

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  • Usually Id do the Imperial side with only a couple minor bugs. I wonder if the stormcloak side is just more buggy

  • Don’t let CW ruin the game for you. At worst you got to be patient as you slog through it. The rest of the game is a fine tuned machine compared to that quest line
  • My advice is to make a hard save after every quest step. The Civil War questline is notoriously buggy even with the Unofficial Patches. Often times reloading is the only way to fix a quest halting bug like that.
    • Yeah I most likely will just continue on with the playtest and get the items i wanted through cheating, because all I really needed was some armour from the quest line, but still. Its irritating!!! But thanks for the advice, Curse, Ill be sure to save next time I do the Civil War quests.

  • Have you done any load order optimization?
    • Yep, load orders perfect now. After tearing my load order apart I was very irritated to find it was a tiny mod that got a buggy update.

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