The Last Straw

Ararvyne had to pay off a Dibella priest, return a farmer's goat from a Giant that he'd sold it to, and now he was off to the forests to reclaim a Wedding Ring he'd gotten from Ysolda. Apparently he was to be wed to someone from Witchmist Grove. Ararvyne figured he'd simply ask for the ring back, and ignore any hostilities thereinafter, only to find out that the "bride" is actually a Hagraven...

Moira the Hagraven: "Darling! I've been waiting for you to return!"

Ararvyne: .....By the Daedra...

Moira: Now, let us consummate our love!"

...Ararvyne took a deep breath, put on his hood and mask, and then spoke.

"Alright, here is what is going to happen. I'm going to find that Sam, I am going to retrieve my staff, and then I will listen to his full story. Only then will I decide whether or not his life is worth sparing." He then unsheathed his sword. "But for you, you will not live to see tomorrow, and only the corpses within your sham of a home will mourn you!"

He then slaughtered her with extreme prejudice.

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