Imagine Ararvyne's surprise when he learned that Sam Guevenne was actually the Daedric Prince Sanguine. Of course, his shock at being in the presence of a god-like being was dulled by the annoyment of the trip. In the end, he received his staff, the Sanguine Rose, which was yet another Daedric Artifact. Ararvyne questioned Sanguine as to why he would commit to dragging him through all this, to which he replied that Ararvyne was "going places". It seems that even the Prince of Debauchery had high hopes for him. 

And so, yet another Daedra's favor has been obtained. Ararvyne has begun to gain an interest in them moreso than ever.

Also, he's off liquor forever.

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  • Nice. What's the mod used to change Sam's/Sanguine's appearance?
    • Not really sure, since I didn't intend for this, but I'm pretty sure it's Immersive Armors.
      • Really? I wouldn't have guessed it. Thank you for your response.
This reply was deleted.