Hitting the Books (not the quest)

There wasn't much information to be found in the Arcanaeum, even for the Dragonborn. Still, he searched through each book's words carefully and deeply, so as to spot any hidden meanings within words as he'd been taught before.

But there was one book whose hidden meanings he could not hope to decipher, in this life or any other. The book was by Septimus Signus, who was one of the lead scholars on the Elder Scrolls. He was also a nutcase, but perhaps he'd seen so much that his words had higher meaning than what we few mortals could understand.

Ararvyne felt some connection with the old man, but he knew not yet why. He simply completed the task given to him by Signus, to retrieve the Elder Scroll from within Tower Mzark, found within Blackreach, to which the entry was in Alftand.

"Why can't the Dwemer just invent something to teleport me where I need to go..."

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