New and Improved

Ararvyne had become a master Enchanter, and as such needed a new set of gear for future purposes. He'd set his old master's gear on a mannequin in his home and began constructing a new set of armor, using knowledge he'd find within the books.

After crafting the necessary smithing gear, upgrading each piece, and enchanting while wearing Ahzidal's armor and downing an Enchanter's Elixir every then and again, his superior gear was completed.

HEAD - Silver and Moonstone Circlet [Fortify Illusion / Fortify Conjuration]
BODY - Evil Mastermind Armor [Fortify Destruction / Fortify Health]
HNDS - Evil Mastermind Gloves [Fortify One-Handed / Fortify Magicka]
FEET - Evil Mastermind Boots [Fortify Sneak / Fortify Stamina]

NECK - Daedric Templar Amulet [Fortify Illusion / Fortify Destruction]
RING - Daedric Templar Ring [Fortify Illusion / Fortify Conjuration]

WPN - Blade of Oblivion [Absorb Health / Fiery Soul Trap]

Ararvyne could feel the power within that he had unlocked. But there was so much more to be done. Quickly, he took Ralis and returned to Skyrim to begin putting everything into motion...

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