Ararvyne Varam, The Daedric Templar

Ararvyne took one last inspection upon the new weapon he'd earned, Mehrunes' Razor. It did not seem to be too strong a weapon, but he knew that it's true potential lay in it's rare ability to destroy any life, regardless of it's power. Truly a sacred tool for any assassin, and now it was in his hands.

Ralis looked at the strewn bodies of the Dremora around them. "Kind've expected more of a... I dunno, a challenge maybe? Considering these Dremora are decked out in the most powerful armor known to Tamriel." In truth, he did not do much. An arrow or two from behind hardly mattered to them; it was Ararvyne's magic that made quick work of them.

"Dremora are weak to Shock spells. They had no hope from the beginning. Even moreso the ones within this chamber." It was a warrior and a mage Dremora that guarded closely the treasure located within Mehrunes Dagon's shrine, but weak as they were they went down with one pair of Chain Lightning.

"Well yea I get 'that' part. I just think that Dremora directly summoned by the Prince of destruction and ambition would be a bit more, I dunno, beefy? Ol' Dagon ought to spring for more experienced men to guard his treasures." He began collecting the treasure within, which included a good number of Gold Ingots. "Not that I'm complaining in the least, anyway."

Once they'd collected everything of value, Ararvyne snapped his fingers, and in an instant a Dremora Butler appeared, eager to take the weight of their treasure off them. After vanishing as quickly as he appeared Ralis spoke once more. "Thank Azura for that guy, eh? It's a good thing that he takes the weight of all these valuables off our hands for free, even if he can be a bit sarcastic sometimes. I'm just glad I don't have to haul all this junk back to Dawnstar."

As if not paying any attention, Ararvyne made for the exit. "Come, we've much more work to do."

"So, were we headed this time, boss?"

Ararvyne retrieved a copy of 'Boethiah's Proving' and began flipping through the pages, stopping at the key sentence: "To the mount which overlooks Windhelm." before closing the book shut.

Ralis raised an eyebrow. "So it's Boethiah this time? Gonna be a lotta fierce killer types there, I'm sure."

"Yes, so be sure not to die. I still have value in your life after all." He began writing within his notebook, which he'd obtained to chronicle his journey through Skyrim. He also used it to keep notes, such as which Daedric Artifacts he'd found, or any notable artifacts which could be used to his advantage. "And remind me, that I need to enchant that armor of yours. You'll also need a new set of swords, which I will also empower." Ararvyne had plans for Ralis, for he would be one of the first few to join his ranks. Thus, he needed him alive.

"After what happened in Kolbjorn you'd still offer me this level of power? Hmm, this little arrangement might be worth not dying after all." As Ralis' life was controlled by Ararvyne, he would attempt to make the best of his current situation. His new master was wealthy, and was poised to become even more influential within Skyrim. He may not have managed anything from the Kolbjorn dig, but there was Coin to be made from this endeavor as well.

Upon exiting the shrine only the biting cold winter of Skyrim's northern regions came to welcome them. In front, two more Dremora lay dead, one such having been incinerated completely, only ash remaining to be blown away by the frigid winds. Ralis put on a fur hood, but still could barely keep his teeth from chattering. "Mora knows that frost and Dunmer don't mix."

Ararvyne, who wore not but his standard Telvanni Robes and Boots at that time, did not falter in stride. "You get used to it." To him, the cold up at Azura's Shrine was far more punishing, to say nothing of the breath of Frost Dragons he'd felt time and again during his journeys. All that he'd endured to reach this point, he'd endure to make him as durable as he is now. And now he had power, he had purpose, and he had much planning to do.

He would eventually need a bigger base of operations. Somewhere isolated and unknown so that he may slowly add to his ranks. He would need influence within Skyrim, so that his eyes and ears would exist all throughout the province. More importantly, he would need time. It may take years, perhaps centuries before his efforts bore fruit, but he was prepared to wait millenia for results. Because he knew it would arrive. The Age of the Daedra, where the faith of the Divines was at its weakest, and the realm of Nirn would be forfeit to the Princes. At that time, the weak would be sacrificed, and only the strong would survive to fight against their fate. If they succeeded, mortalkind would become stronger than it's ever been. Should they fall, Ararvyne will have secured power within his master's fold long before that occurs. It would be our last chance to show the results of our evolution, or be eradicated by the darkness.

And from the eyes of the Daedric Templars, Ararvyne would see this age through to the end...

-The End(?)-

Someone pat me on the back. Somehow I managed to keep my Restartitis from staggering me.

Anyways, this is the end of Ararvyne's backstory. Anything that I do with him from now on reflects his current present self. He is the Daedric Templar, whose ultimate goal is to eradicate the worship of the Aedra while facilitating worship of the Daedra. In the end, they will hold great influence within Nirn, and mortals everywhere will be subject to their machinations. Whether or not they survive this will depend on how strong they've become. The Daedra are a trial for them all, and only the truly strong will pass...

But now that he's done, I can finally get to work on my Daedric Champion Character Builds!! Yeeeey!

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