The Arch-Sorcerer (name pending)

So I know I haven't been very active. I've mostly been so absorbed in my most recent playthrough, in which I finally begin playing my Daedric Champions.

This is the future Champion of Hermaeus Mora, Hathar Morne, A.K.A. the Arch-Sorcerer (name pending). His family can trace their lineage back to the Merethic Era, but only due to one sorcerer whose name was lost in time. He unlocked the secret to limitless potential in magic, as well as a ring of incredible power and the means to craft it. Before he lost his life he enchanted a journal filled with his notes on them, which had been extremely encrypted. The enchantment could enthrall anyone of his bloodline into continuing his research, provided enough time passed while it was in their possession.

For millennia, various members of Hathar's family tree had fell prey to the temptations of the journal, and finally it was his turn. But while others had lost their lives or been touched by Sheogorath in their pursuits, he was destined for something far greater. He found out the key to decrypting the journal, a grimoire of forbidden knowledge known as the Oghma Infinium. Thus his desire for power lead him to Skyrim...

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