I'm back, bitches!

Back from the grave! ...Literally! My newest character, the first proper one on my new playthrough on Skyrim Special Edition, on my new Alienware laptop! This will be a Death Knight character, and a playthrough that will hopefully give me a good idea on how I wanna make my Deathknight build, the Death Lord.

This skeleton remembers only two things: Hatred and Death, in that order. Though he cannot remember why he remembers them, or even his own name. Whether it was a botched reanimation (which killed the Arch-Necromancer who raised him) or it simply has been that long is anyone's guess. All he knows is the deep well of vengeance boiling within him, but he knows not who he must kill. Only that he must.

He starts out with 20 Health, 80 Stamina, and 200 Magicka. As a skeleboi, he has immunities to Poison and Disease, but a 25% weakness to fire. He also scares the living shit out of anyone, because Skeleton.

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