The Fireheart Raider | Episode 40: Under Watchful Eyes | Skyrim Requiem

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Harald Fireheart, a magically-armored Nord warrior who's never found a sword too long for him, continues his adventures in the unforgiving world of Skyrim Requiem, dropping foes and breaking bows with his mighty blade. This episode sees him race back to Winterhold with the Staff of Magnus, break through Ancano's barrier and take out the rampant Thalmor in direct combat with the help of the Staff, assume leadership of the College of Winterhold's thinned-out ranks, follow a rumor to the shrine of the Daedric Prince Azura, accept the task of going after the rogue mage Malyn Varen and recovering Azura's Star, the unbreakable soul gem, in a personal conversation with the Daedra herself, carve through Varen's disciples at the sunken fortress of Ilinalta's Deep and recover the Star, and journey inside the Star itself to purge Varen's soul from within and restore it from its corrupted state.

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