The Fireheart Raider | Episode 42: Dawn of a New Purpose | Skyrim Requiem

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Harald Fireheart, a magically-armored Nord warrior who's never found a sword too long for him, continues his adventures in the unforgiving world of Skyrim Requiem, dropping foes and breaking bows with his mighty blade. This episode sees him travel to Fort Dawnguard to join the newly formed vampire hunters there, set off for the ancient cave of Dimhollow Crypt in an attempt to learn more about the recent surge in vampire attacks, clear out the heavily armed and armored vampire group inside, recover a mysterious entombed vampire carrying an Elder Scroll, help her escape from the other undead denizens of Dimhollow, return her and the Scroll to her Volkihar-clan father Harkon, and fight off a vampire assault on Fort Dawnguard as he prepares to seek outside help for the fledgling hunters.

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