The Fireheart Raider | Episode 43: Scrolls and Scholars | Skyrim Requiem

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Harald Fireheart, a magically-armored Nord warrior who's never found a sword too long for him, continues his adventures in the unforgiving world of Skyrim Requiem, dropping foes and breaking bows with his mighty blade. This episode sees him track down a clever woodsman named Gunmar, who takes out a den of bears with Harald's help, and a mechanically gifted Dwemer scholar named Sorine Jurard, two of Isran's old allies, recruit them to the Dawnguard's cause, reluctantly travel with the vampire Serana after she arrives at their fortress to warn them about Harkon's plan to neutralize the sun and instill a vampire world order, locate Dexion, an Imperial Moth Priest who has been taken prisoner by vampires, cut through his undead captors at Forebears' Holdout, and return the Moth Priest safely to Fort Dawnguard, to hear his reading of the Elder Scroll in Serana's possession, and set off to find the next clue toward stopping Harkon, his own wife and Serana's mother, the well-hidden Valerica.

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