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Jun 13, 2022
Shimazu replied to Curse's discussion What names have you given your enchanted gear?
"oh I've had many, and may drop in and out to update this post but the one that sticks out to me was an enchanted dagger named Morag's Tongue."
Aug 6, 2019
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Aug 2, 2019
Shimazu replied to Kendrix Trixie's discussion Cross-Group Character Build Event: Stories of Skyrim in The Story Corner
"Good luck to everybody participating. Looking forward to reading some creative ideas and immersing myself in some new lore! Go deep!"
Aug 2, 2019
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Aug 2, 2019





How did you find this community?

Curse :)

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

All of the main series

What Fallout games have you played?

3, NV, 4 & 76

Do you get to the Cloud District often?

"I actually advise the Jarl on political matters. My input is invaluable, of course. But this is all probably a bit over your head."


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