The New Chapter

As he left the Lockbox, he was greeted once more by Hermaeus Mora.

"Come, my champion."

Ararvyne bowed. "What now?"

"Now you have my Oghma Infinium. It contains the knowledge of the ages as revealed to Xarxes, my loyal servant. For hundreds of years it's been shut away from the world. Septimus was a useful tool for unleashing it. Now it is in your hands. Let us work wonders together..."

Ararvyne was still reeling from the shock of acquired knowledge he'd felt. It was if he'd seen through the eyes of the Grandmasters of the Templars. 

Hermaeus spoke once more. "Ah but this is not what you seek. No, you seek your new purpose in life. Your calling. Your... fate. You desire the path that lay before you. Mmm, yes. I can see a great awakening from within you. The other Daedric Princes you spoke to most likely saw the same thing."

Ararvyne remained silent.

"When you return to town, you will be beset upon by a set of cultists. Kill these cultists and retrace their steps upon the isles of fate to learn your destiny. Acquire what you seek, take your destiny by your own hands and serve me well, and you will be richly rewarded..." He then vanished.

Ararvyne would need a day or two of rest before he could begin his new journey, but he would. he could see the path much clearer now, and things were starting to click within his mind, but this was only the beginning...

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