Character Build Showcase - The Keeper of the Vigil by Joe

Welcome back to The Sky Forge's Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the awesome and unique builds you can find within the Skyrim Character Building Group.

This week we've chosen a Vigilants of Stendarr build by Joe entitled The Keeper of the Vigil. You've likely read more than a few Vigilant of Stendarr builds, but this build stands out from the rest with a very unique and interesting take on the ever popular daedra hunting faction.

The Keeper of the Vigil was at one point in time leader of the Vigilants of Stendarr, but a chance encounter with the Daedric Prince Meridia changed everything. The Keeper swears to serve Meridia and aid the prince in eradicating the undead, but while few would consider Meridia to be evil, a daedra is still a daedra, and the Vigilants code leaves little room for negotiation. 

Its always refreshing to see a build that takes a tried and true theme like the Vigilants and flip it on its head. The Keeper of the Vigil presents you with two separate and opposing entities who share very similar goals. If you are looking for a fresh and interesting roleplay experience we highly recommend this build. 

So check out the Keeper of the Vigil and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. As always keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next!

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