Character Build: The Keeper of the Vigil

A woman who was a leader of the Vigilants of Stendarr, she made a commitment to the Daedric Prince Meridia and was kicked out of the Vigil because of it. The Keeper is an expert with One-handed weapons as well as an expert in the arts of the shield and restoration and uses these to leave the undead or any abominations in ashes.

Foolish Vampires, thinking you could stand Stendarr's wraith

Race: Breton. I found the magic resistance useful against vampires who mainly use destruction.

Stats: 2/2/1: The build relies heavily on Restoration so having more points into Magicka than Stamina is more useful.

Stone: The Mage Stone to boost restoration and then the Lord Stone for the extra armor rating and magic resistance.

Skills: One-Handed, Block, Restoration, Light Armor, Enchanting

Equipment: Dawnbreaker, Auriel's Shield (my new favorite shield), Ancient Falmer Cuirass, Ancient Falmer Gauntlets, Ancient Falmer Boots, Amulet of Stendarr

Spells: Stendarr's Aura, Vampire's Bane, Grand Healing, Circle of Protection.

Recommended Quests: Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Destroy the Dark Brotherhood, Main Quest, Imperial Legion, The Man Who Cried Wolf, The Wolf Queen Awakened, The Blessings of Nature, The Break of Dawn

This build requires a lot of Restoration (I started leveling it up at level 10 using the giant method) to use against the undead which is the main enemy you will be facing, you will first start by casting Stendarr's Aura to damage the undead that comes to close or sneak attack you from behind then its up to you on what to do, switch to your shield to bash some skulls or do you burn them to a crisp by switching to Vampire's Bane. Dawnbreaker is also great for the explosion that has a chance to happen when killing undead that makes the undead in the area flee, not to mention Dawnbreaker and Vampire's Bane is a deadly combo against undead.

Auriel's Shield is the living people that want to rob you or just kill you, the shield is fun just to see enemies rag doll across the room when power bashing them with a shield fully charged. The Dawnbreaker can still be used against the living because the fire damage is still very useful for dealing extra damage to those you hit. Bashing with your shield is great for the chance to disarm the living or undead you encounter because if you are quick you can stop them from picking up their weapon by taking it from the ground. Another spell I used for this build was Circle of Protection for retreating into the circle to prevent the undead from reaching you while you can heal yourself or cast vampires bane to deal sun damage in the safety of your circle.

You start out as a Vigilant of Stendarr clearing out a few dungeons until you find Meridia's Beacon. When you find it and complete the quest you go to join the Dawnguard to get the rest of your gear. When first entering the fort and see Tolan talking to Isran you will cover your face with a mask that conceals your face completely in fear that he'll know who you are. It is important to remember that she won't attack the Vigilants of Stendarr unless they throw the first swing, she doesn't do this because she is trying to seek forgiveness from Stendarr by doing good deeds across Skyrim and Solstheim and attacking his agents will not help with that quest. She will not use any followers because she doesn't want people to get hurt trying to protect her, but if she must she will switch to a support mode healing the follower after every encounter to keep them alive. She will also not hate Serana because she knows she didn't have a choice to become a vampire and if you choose can cure her after doing the Dawnguard quest.

Hmm, an assassin sent from Bloodlet Throne, you will regret giving me your location vampire.

One-Handed: To use Dawnbreaker to it's best, the perks you want are blades man maxed out to get more critical damage and arms man maxed out. You don't want savage strike because while she hates the undead she isn't brutal enough to take off their heads.

Block: You have two options for shields, one is for vampires and the other is for the living. This skill is for bashing, disarming enemies so they are left defenseless and slowing down time when they are foolish enough to power attack you. The main perks are quick reflexes, block runner, and disarming bash.

Light Armor: If there is one thing she likes to be agile while someone is slowed down by heavy armor, the main perk is unhindered so your armor weighs nothing and doesn't slow you down so you're always on your toes.

Restoration: Burning the undead to a crisp, healing yourself during combat and laying down circles of protection against the undead all in one school. The main perks are Expert restoration, maxed out recovery for increased Magicka regeneration, and avoid death to stay alive should your health fall past a certain point once a day.

Enchanting: Used to empower your armor with useful enchantments. Enchant your cuirass with Fortify Restoration and Fortify Magicka Regen and your gauntlets and boots with Fortify One-handed and Magic Resistance.

Dawnguard: After getting kicked out of the Vigilants this was her main objective because she still wanted to hunt the undead so she left for another group that wants to do the same, You won't hate Serana or act like an ass to her because she knew she was forced to become a vampire.

Dragonborn: After being attacked by Cultists she went to Solstheim and saw that the people were under control by something, she later learns it's Miraak and vows to free the people and save Solstheim from Miraak's reign.

Main Quest: Alduin is a threat to Skyrim so after killing the first dragon and finding out she was Dragonborn she would hunt him down like a hawk and won't rest until he's dead. She won't hate the Greybeards or The Blades until she is told to kill Paarthurnax because of the help he gave her.

Imperial Legion: Skyrim will truly be free from the elves with a united empire, She believes that that the Stormcloaks are missing the bigger picture that the empire won't fight against the elves should Skyrim become independent. She hates seeing the people suffering under the elves but she thinks they will have to wait until the empire gets it's strength back to fight the elves.

The Break of Dawn: She wants the weapon to slay all undead before her, after finding her beacon she would be guided by Meridia to retrieve her weapon and slay the undead in her name.

The Blessings of Nature: She is still loyal to the divines and still likes to help out those who need it, hearing about the Glidergreen and how it's affecting the temple of Kynareth in Whiterun she helped out and this will help level up your restoration.

The Man who cried Wolf: Visiting the Blue Palace and hearing about strange things happening near Wolfskull cave she helps Falk investigate the cave and learns that necromancers are trying to summon Potema, knowing the danger of having her back on Tamriel she rushes to the cave to stop that from happening.

The Wolf Queen Awakened: She helped out with stopping the ritual to summon Potema and learning that she is still a threat to the city of Solitude she rushes to make sure Potema doesn't get her full power and save Solitude from the Wolf queen.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood: The Dark Brotherhood has terrorized Skyrim for too long so someone has to put them down.

One Vampire down, Who's next?

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  • Hey Joe. First and formost I want to say welcome to the Sky Forge. I've always liked this build and I'm glad to see it once again.
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  • Hey what font are you using in those banners. I think I'd like to try something like that for some of the builds in working on.
    • Dragonborn made them for me when I was with the tamriel vault
  • Hey Joe, congrats on getting featured on our official Reddit page, you can check it out here. This is a great take on the classic Paladin archetype. Switching out Heavy Armor for Light Armor is very unique, lowering your armor rating, but allowing you to move around more to dodge enemy attacks.

    Character Build: The Keeper of the Vigil • r/SkyrimBuilds
    This build was created by one of our members, Joe: *A woman who was a leader of the Vigilants of...
  • I have a couple of questions, what perks did you take in Enchanting and what did you enchant your armor with? You talk about having 2 options for shields, Auriel's Shield for living enemies, but what did you use against the undead? Lastly, you only listed the Dawnbreaker as a weapon, which isn't compatible with Elemental Fury, so how did you utilize the shout?

    • The perks for enchanting are enchanter maxed out insightful enchanter corpus enchanter and extra effect, elemental fury is for bashing with the shield, the option for the undead is your restoration spells like stendarr's aura and vampires bane, lastly the armor is enchanted with fortify restoration and fortify Magicka Regen, gauntlets and boots have fortify one handed and magic resistance
      • Hey Joe longtime no see. How are you?
        • I'm good thanks, took some time for school purposes but hopefully going to get more involved in the site
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