Hello and welcome once again to our weekly Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Skyrim Character Build Group.

This weeks showcase we're presenting the Morag Tong Assassin by Histcarp, and always to get you interested here is an excerpt written by Histcarp from the built itself:

The Morag Tong Assassin is a versatile and deadly assassin, skilled in multiple forms of combat and elimination. A master of martial prowess, sharpshooting, resourcefulness and arcane skill. Her diverse array of training leaves no obstacle in her way.

No doubt many of you have seen more than your fair share of stealthy Morag Tong builds, but Histcarp's rendition of this ever popular character build theme stands out from the rest. 

The Morag Tong Assassin is capable of far more than just silent kills, boasting a wide array of options for cold calculated elimination. Versatility is the name of the game here, and unlike most assassin builds the Morag Tong Agent is just as capable of fighting her enemies head on as she is at dispatching them silently. 

If you're still not convinced that this is THE assassin build to play then we've got a video by our good friend PCOutcast to give you a taste of what this build is capable of:

As always, go check this build out and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next! 

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  • Very nice choice! I love the images used in this build. Histcarp’s take on the Morag Tong really stands out from he rest with the use of Nordic weaponry and focus on open combat as opposed to solely relying on the shadows.

  • I are good choice this week. 

  • Ohhh helloooooooo! This is really cool. Thanks for this. I know I've been pretty inactive (playing a lot of Dark Souls recently) but I've been considering coming back, and I might when I get some new ideas. Again, thanks for the spotlight :) 

    • Hey Histcarp, long time no see. You should definitely stop by more often, whether you play Skyrim or fallout or neither. We’re all friends here and we were worried you weren’t coming back. 

    • Even if you’re not playing Skyrim or Fallout, don’t hesitate to talk about other games like Dark Souls over at General Discussion. While I don’t play Dark Souls, other members may be interested in the discussion. 

      As for the feature, your build definitely deserves it. It’s a fantastic take on the Morag Tong, very unique.

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