Character Build Showcase: The Pale Mane

Hey everyone, welcome to another Character Build Showcase. Last time, I covered Long ChapperLovelorn Dragonborn’, from our very on Skyrim CB Group. This time, however, I want to focus on a ‘first time’ Build by our very own, called the Pale Mane by Marin the Fox.


These humans think themselves so superior to this one, no? This one yearns for the chance to show them the face of their arrogance, the face of the Pale Mane. They will learn.

I genuinely can not recommend the Pale Mane enough. Marin delivers a truly unique rogue-like character experience, with a multitude of options for deities to worship throughout different points in the game. But what truly sets the Pale Mane apart is the complete lack of investment into any direct damage skill trees. Marin takes a more creative route with Alchemy providing the build the means to effectively dispatch foes, along side a multitude of additional tactics to include explosive skooma bottles provided by the Wintersun mod. 

Kynareth guides this one. Mephala watches this one. Baan Dar instructs this one. Sithis hides this one. We are shadow incarnate, and if we set our sights upon you, there is no escape from our cold embrace.

Keep an eye out for next week’s, Character Build Showcase. It could come from the Skyrim Character Build Group, maybe the Fallout or Classics Group or even the Misc. Gaming.

Till next time, guys! 

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