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4352077095?profile=RESIZE_710xHey folks. For those of you who have been here for a while you're likely aware that I pay the cost of running the TheSkyForge out of my own pocket. The cost currently sitting at $60.00 a month, or roughy $720.00 a year.

I pay this willingly not only because of the entertainment and enjoyment is has brought you all, but because I wish to keep TheSkyForge free of advertisements. But, in order to ease the finacial burden placed upon myself, I'd like to begin accepting donations to help run this community we all love and enjoy. 

To that end you will detect a new addition to the Home Page on the bottom right hand side (or the very bottom of the home page for those viewing from a phone). Simply click that Donation image and you'll be ported to a Paypal page, which will enable you to make a contribution to the ongoing costs. I encourage everyone to 'chip in' whatever they can, however modest, so that we can all continue to enjoy this fine community.

The donation link will remain on the Home Page indefinitely. However, I have no plans nor desires to profit from the donations in anyway. All surplus donations will go toward gifts and prizes for various events as well as upgrades to the site.

Please follow this link to proceed to our PayPal donation page:

Thank you all in advance for your contributions.

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  • I’d be happy to donate!

    • Thank you for your donation 

  • I can spare a few bucks.

    • Thank you very much.

  • 1436258829?profile=RESIZE_710x

    Yeah man I can chip in a few bucks. 

    • Damn it Dutch!

  • Btw if you've donated to The SKy Forge at any time you have been awarded a new badge to thank you. 

  • Posting this as a reminder that we're always willing to take donations to help keep this community we all know and love running. 

  • I'll donate some cash once I can start working again.

  • i'll be back from vacations in a few days and i ll make a donation.

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