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Character Build Showcase - The Mabrigash by Ponty

3672101364?profile=RESIZE_710xHail adventuerers! We welcome you yet again to the weekly Character Build Showcase, where we pull out a Skyrim build from here on the Forge that really deserves some more love and interest. 

In the spirit of the contest that launched not long ago on the Forge (click here for more information) in which builders used to using the fun and unique gameplay mechanics brought to Skyrim by its talented modding community will be challenged to go back to the basics of building when the game launched on the famous date, the 11th of November, 2011, we will be highlighting a vanilla build this week. A classic dating back to before the creation of the Skyforge itself, and having just recently made its way here to the Forge, Pontybrings you the Mabrigash

A reclusive tribe of Ashlanders famous for the powerful connections with both serpentine and pyrotechnic magicks, the Mabrigash Tribe have produced some formidable warriors, but none more so than this rogue Wise Woman of their tribe. 

 By secret rituals the Mabrigash steals a man's vital essence and makes herself a powerful sorceress and warrior. The manifestation of her dark power is called a ghost snake that paralyzes and drains a victim's vitality.

An incredibly versetile build that plays as a heavy pyromancer with hints of illusion and alteration, the Mabrigash Wise Woman uses an interesting exploit from the vanilla game that allows her to deal massive amounts of fire damage in a very short period of time, all the while using her other tricks to incapacitate her enemies, that they may do nothing against the tide of flames she will unleash upon them. 

Be sure to check out the build and, as always, hit it up with a like, and be sure to give the combat demo Ponty has provided a watch. I can't recommend this build enough, and we still have a ton of other characters to highlight for you in future weeks forged by talented builders. Keep on forging, and yours could be next!



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