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An RPG Group?

Now, while Skyrim and to an extent Fallout is a major factor of this site, in my life of gaming, as well as that of you guys, I'm sure there are other RPGs that have captivated us, and become quite popular. Take for instance, the mainstreaming of Atlus's Persona series, particulary after Persona 5, or something more Western like a Dragon's Dogma and Knights of the Old Republic. So, what this post entails is I want to see how many of you all would like to see a group dedicated to builds, lore, and the like, for non Skyrim/Fallout related RPGs

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  • I doubt you'd get much headway with builds specifically, but itd be great to have a group dedicated to discussing those games. 

  • You already know I'm down with this idea. I definitely see potential with lore/character snapshot things. And I think I could make something work with builds. Something along those lines.

  • Honestly, I don't know a lot of RPG's (in truth the ones you mentioned, I have never heard of but that's just me, not you so don't worry). But either way it would be quite interesting honestly.

  • Perhaps we shouldnt limit ourselves to just RPGs. A group for discussing anything related to non Elder Scrolls or Fallout game may be better. 

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