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ESO Group?

I feel like something is missing in this site and it's a group dedicated to elder scrolls online. I know first hand how hard it is to get anything ESO related started, but it might be worth brainstorming anyway?

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  • ESO is a tricky game to make a concrete group out of. As an MMO it's always changing an evolving, sk right away it's difficult to dedicate the group to discussing say, eso builds. The "Meta" (most effective tactic available) is always changing. I'm sure if I hop back into my 460cp night blade all of my tactics will have long since been rendered obsolete.

    I find guilds in eso, even good ones, come and go like the wind. Eso just lacks the right features to keep a guild running strong and theee different platforms to play it on don't help either. I believe the tamriel vault is starting their own guild on pc. I say best of luck to them, because it's hard as shit to get a good guild going in eso. I give it a month before they've burned out completely.

    Aside from builds and guild planning I cannot think of other ideas on what to do with an eso group but I am open tk suggestions
    • I wouldn't exactly say that's true. I play ESO often. Two of my guilds have over 450 members and have been in existence since release. They're still quite active.
      • Well that's a ray of hope. And with that I think I got an idea that might work. Ning offers a lot of freedom as far as group design. Perhaps a guild or two might like the idea of having a whole section of the eso group dedicated to their guild. It could act as their online hub.

        Also before I forget. What system do you play on? Please say PS4!
    • My two RP guilds in ESO have been around for years. Switch to PC, man! ;D
  • <p>We had one but had no idea what to do with it</p>
    • I still think the guild hub idea might be our best best. Perhaps my view of eso guilds has been marred by my experience with some rather flakey guilds on the console versions of eso.
  • A guild is definitely something I would be interested in when I get ESO. I'm not sure when that will be because I'd have to buy a new computer that can actually run it.

  • Really it all comes down to what eso related discussion/content could we put together that would be enough to keep an eso group on a relatively small site alive.
  • Disclaimer: I don't own eso. I just felt this site oughfs have a group for eso. It could probably use an artwork group too. Thoughts?
    • An art group? I'm fine with that depending on what everyone else thinks.
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